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Modpack about adventure and Building. aimed at making game slightly harder but not too hard. in this modpack you will find a bunch of mods you are familiar with but also a bunch that you arent familiar with.


The main focus of this modpack is Mainly Building and Ice and fire mod.


To Spoil thine zelf check this spoiler for all mods included

-Mixin compat
-Additional lights
-Ambient Environment
-Animania Base,Extra,Farm
-Biomes o' Plenty
-Block Craftery
-Born in A Barn
-Chunk pregenerator
-Craftable Horse Armor
-Craftstudio API
-Cycle Paintings
-Dawn Of Time Builders Edition
-Despawn egg hatch
-Dynamic surroundings + Hud
-Dynamic view Distance
-Get it Together Drops
-GoodSkeletons Dont strafe
-Growthcraft (Community Edition)
-Horse Collor
-Ice And Fire
-Immersive Engineering
-Immersive Petroleum
-Immersive Railroading
-Immersive Tech
-Inventory Tweaks
-Just enough Items
-JJ COAT and Arms
-JJ Coins
-Just Rotten Flesh to Leather
-Just a raft mod
-Just a Few Fish
-Just enough resources
-Library EX
-Macaws Bridges,Doors,Windows
-MmmMmmMmmMmm (Target practise galore)
-Quark + Oddities
-Skye's Bakery
-SmallERNP (no idea cant remember)
-Swing through grass
-Stygian End
-VehiclesMob (from mrcrafish)

Added 23 feb 2021

-Aether legacy

-Aether addon mods

-Aether original textures


-Aetherium and Armor (Embers addon)

-Valkierien skies (please report any issues with this mod)

-Ancient warfare 2


and more


Added 24 Feb 2021

-Grimoires of Gaia 3


Added 05 March 2021


-Wolf armor

-Spider 2.0 (remove it or disable if you got Arachnephobia)



-VillageSpawn (removed)

-Vampire magic (removed)

-Grimoires of Gaia 3


-AI-Improvement (coused skelly's to spawn without AI)






Tech support:

-Usage of Optifine and a minimum of 4gb ram is recommended.


Known issues:

-Skeletons without AI spawning on 1 hit and then undamagable. Even stay overday alive. Still looking for a fix on that part.

-Skybox color screen upon milking a Animalia cow and folowed with an crash Referring to Dynamic surroundings mod due to milking das cow. especially hollstein's


Conditions for Posting crashreports:

-Use issue tracker thats been added by this site at Issues tab.

-Post full Crashlog or log in a Pastebin link. Do not Upload or copy entire or half the crashlog. I wont help those thats copy pasta half it

-Please include a way to recreate it.

-please be mindfull i am not a robot that 24/7 checks wether there are issues i got life and a minecraft world in this mod pack to play in too.


Terms of use: Respect the moddev authors for their wonderfull mod. all the mods included are findable on this very site.


Good luck on your adventure, Dragon slaying or Building Endeavor.