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Uploaded Jan 21, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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- Maintainer of the modpack, (Stone).
- Version Number, as major changes have been made and development has been handed over to a new maintainer. Again, me. :p
- Cuisine no longer gives you a guide book upon joining a world for the first time.
- Quark no longer shows invalid slots that items cannot be placed into, this can be changed via config or in game by opening 'Mod Options' > 'Quark' > 'Client'.
- Chisel's AutoChisel now requires RF power.
- Stymphalian Birds no longer drop randomly selected ore dictionary versions of ingots and nuggets.
- Re-enabled BetterWithMods' Hardcore Brewing mechanics and tweaked them, witches no longer drop potion ingredients and any vanilla or modded fish type can be used for water breathing.
- Re-enabled BetterWithMods' Sinkholes feature, all this does is cause falling block types to collapse when the player is nearby.
- Re-enabled BetterWithMods' wool armor.
- Pre-existing furnaces will be converted to TerraFirmaCraft querns.
- Pre-existing crafting tables will be converted to Minecraft bookshelves.
- Set ImmersiveEngineering ore generation values to 0 in the immersiveengineering.cfg configuration file.
- Disabled ImmersiveEngineering hammer crushing, you can no longer crush ores into dusts using the Engineer's Hammer.
- Piston push limit changed from 12 to 8.
- Completely removed Railcraft gears.
- Every 10 minutes a tamed wolf will begin to feel lonely and will desire affection, please pet the dog.
- Creepers now explode if caught on fire.



- Cuisine; Changed some charcoal using basin recipes to instead require charcoal dust.
- Cuisine; Changed the recipe for the kitchen knife.
- Tinkers' Construct; Fixed some illogical Smeltery melting recipes using non-existant OreDictionaries.
- ImmersiveEngineering; Changed diamond ore Crusher recipe to output chipped diamonds instead of cut diamonds.
- ImmersiveEngineering; Changed Engineer's Manual recipe.
- ImmersiveEngineering; Removed detailed Treated Wood Planks recipes, use the chisel instead.
- ImmersiveEngineering; Moved Treated Wood Planks recipe to the TerraFirmaCraft Barrel.
- ImmersiveEngineering; Changed Treated Wood Stick recipe.
- ImmersiveEngineering; Removed steel ingot recipes from the Arc Furnace and replaced them with a new recipe that outputs TFC's ingots.
- ImmersiveEngineering; Changed Coke Brick, Kiln Brick, Blast Brick and Reinforced Blast Brick recipes.
- OreDictionary; Removed BetterWithMods Shafts and Cuisine Bamboo from 'ore:stickWood'.
- OreDictionary; Changed Lapis Lazuli ore's Ore Dictionary from 'ore:gemLapis' to 'ore:oreLapis', TerraFirmaCraft's choice to set the ore item as a gem is purely illogicial.
- Minecraft; Sticks can now be crafted from both twigs and bamboo.
- Minecraft; Changed some recipes for Minecarts, and their uncrafting recipes too. Chest and Work Cart's uncrafting recipes output sawdust instead of a chest or crafting table, as I cannot know what wood you used to make it without some serious work.
- Minecraft; Added a new recipe for obtaining the beacon, the beacon can only be fueled using vanilla gems and ingots currently, those of which are obtainable through other means.
- Minecraft; Added recipes for Iron and Gold ingots, those of which are under a new name, Cast Iron and Polished Gold.
- Minecraft; Removed Wooden and Stone tools and weapons.
- Minecraft; Changed the enchanting table recipe.
- Minecraft; Changed the flint and steel recipe.
- Minecraft; Added a barrel recipe to "purify" fresh water into pure H2O, or vanilla water, using thaumcraft purifying bath salts.
- Minecraft; Changed cauldron and minecart recipes and how much metal they melt into in the Smeltery.
- BetterWithMods; Changed the recipe for the shaft.
- BetterWithMods; Changed the recipe for the platform.
- BetterWithMods; Changed the recipe for the saw.
- BetterWithMods; Re-introduced the crucible, with a subject to be tweaked recipe.
- TerraFirmaCraft; Added an additional recipe for the Bloomery using aluminium brass, to both give the metal a use, and add an alternative advanced method of making bloomeries.
- TerraFirmaCraft; Disabled the registered fuels in the Item Registry, as it seems TerraFirmaCraft has removed this support entirely, or has not documented changes yet.
- Wearable Backpacks; Changed the recipe for the backpack to now use cut tanned leather, gold bolts, stripped tanned leather and burlap cloth.
- Block Craftery; Changed framed block and reinforced framed block recipes.
- Ice & Fire; Both fire and ice, dragon steel ingots can no longer be forged using any dragon blood, only the appropriate variant.
- Item Names; Renamed several items.
- Astikor Horsecarts; Changed the recipes for the carts and cart wheel.
- ExNihiloCreatio; Completely removed clunky "machines" and removed stone gears and rods.
- ExNihiloCreatio; Completely removed the "End Cake", in light of an intended future themed update.
- ExNihiloCreatio; Completely removed the vanilla-esque Hammers and Crooks.



- Changelogs folder.
// Hello There! *pops head up*
- DefaultWorldGenerator, this cuts down on incorrect world type selection.
- Gamestages and OreStages, this is used to prevent gaining access to blocks in the world players should not have, the furnace in dungeons for example.
// Gamestages will not be used to gate mods, progression, items or anything else, this is done for fixes and not confusion or irritation.
- Charset Immersion, this is done to add TFC consistent ingot stacks, and not just for ingots, this overwrites TFC's normal piles, but does not remove pre-existing ones.
- Charset Storage, for consistency with chests between TFC and other modded or vanilla woods, quarks chests are disabled now.
- Charset Crafting, this changes cauldrons to accept 1000mb (one buckets worth) of any fluid, bottles are re-worked to hold 250mb of fluid, 4 per cauldron.
- JustEnoughBannerPatterns, for JEI integration with banner patterns.
- Re-implemented Electroblobs Wizardry. Included the appropriate scripts that were recently removed.
// Hello Zeldon! Get the server ready!
- Fists of Flesh, so as to prevent players breaking stone, rock and overall "solid" block types with their fists, it also slows down fist mining for wooden and soil blocks, this is subject to changes.
- Quark Oddities, to implement a pipe variant (configured to be slow), and to change how enchanting tables work.
- Better Advancements.


- Railcraft void and metal chests, alongside their minecart equivalents.
// Metal chests are exploitative and just don't work right with many recipes. This change is non-negotiable.
// Void chests are also exploitative, but are subject to return if enough people care for it.



- Ambience, will be made optional.



- Some mods, I'll keep better track of this in the future.



- CraftTweaker recipes that just refused to load, for reasons explained in the 'CraftTweaker' category.
- Corrected ImmersiveEngineering's config file 'Priorities' list to include the correct TerraFirmaCraft mod ID, 'tfc', and included TFC: Tech Unofficials mod ID, 'tfctech'.
- Corrected Tinkers' Construct's config file 'Priorities' list to include TFC: Tech Unofficials mod ID, 'tfctech'.

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