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Filename TerraFirmaCraft Reloaded 2-0.9.7.zip
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Uploaded Nov 19, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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- Removed unused CoFH World scripts
- Made Pam's Harvestcraft crops rarer, but generate in bigger bundles
- Added podzol
- Added cave urns generating underground
- Added rupees which can drop from urns
- Added magma, that generates near bedrock
- Added Combat Refined
- Tweaked vanilla ore drops
- Added nutrient pills/tablet, that can be made from extracting nutrients from foods
- Tweaked dragon nests to be rarer
- Added Login Shield
- Added Material Changer
- Vanilla tools and armor has been nerfed greatly
- Added Mithril, Osmium, Titanium, Tungsten and Tungsten Steel variants of the Tinkers' tools
- Added No Damage Immunity
- Added Nyx
- Added Shield Parry
- Added Railcraft
- Added Rough Mobs 2
- Added TFC Metallum
- Added TFC Tech
- Added coarse dirt variants
- Retextured some vanilla blocks to look more in line of TFC
- Added thaumium and void double ingots, sheets and double sheets, as well as tool parts
- Gave Thaumcraft armors TFC armor stats
- Changed a lot of scripts
- Much more
- Updated a bunch of mods:
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.26.3.93
- Updated FTB Utilities to v5.4.0.122
- Updated FTB Quests to v1.8.0.237
- Updated Dynamic Surroundings to v3.6.0.2
- Updated Ordinary Coins to v1.5
- Updated Just Enough Items to v4.15.0.292
- Updated FTB Lib to v5.4.4.4
- Updated Construct's Armory to v1.2.5.3



- Added Vending Blocks
- Added FoamFlower
- Added MoarTinkers
- Updated Construct's Armory to v1.2.5.2
- Updated OreLib to v3.6.0.1
- Updated FTB Quests to v1.8.0.235
- Updated Dynamic Surroundings to v3.6.0.1
- Updated FTB Utilities to v5.4.0.114
- Updated FTB Lib to v5.4.3.149
- Updated FTB Backups to v1.1.0.1
- Updated Dynamic Surroundings to v3.6.0.0
- Tweaked the cobblestone boulders to be slightly rarer
- Pam's crops can now also generate on dry grass
- Added scrap metal variations of aluminium, cobalt, ardite, manyullyn, constantan, electrum & the dragonsteel metals
- Fixed duplicating metal from the tinkers' tools using the smeltery
- Added zinc, tin, platinum, nickel and brass tools to tinkers
- Added mossy cobblestone to the blockMossy ore dictionary entry



- Added lumber variants to Ironwood, Olive wood and Citrus wood
- Fixed issues regarding being able to acquire plank blocks too early from said woods
- The quests *should* be fixed now



- Changed "overcastMode" to true in the Weather 2 configs. This should let the server control the weather rules, meaning it will rain when the server says "rain" is on.



- Added lavender flowers
- Added lavender meadows
- Added butterflies
- Added mud to swamps
- Added mud bricks for building
- Added a background to the loading screen when loading worlds
- Tweaked some heat values
- Removed some unused files
- Updated Mystical Lib to v1.4.0
- Updated Construct's Armory to v1.2.5.1
- Updated FTB Quests to v1.8.0.229
- Updated FTB Utilities to v5.4.0.112
- Updated ExNihilo to v0.4.7.2
- Removed InControl!, as it wasn't working properly with TFC installed



- Added BetterWithEngineering
- Added Placebo
- Added CoFH World
- Added Worley Caves
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.25.3.87
- Updated FTB Utilities to v5.4.0.111
- Updated FTB Quests to v1.8.0.228
- Updated ExNihilo Creatio to v0.4.7.2
- Updated Cuisine to v0.5.15-build902
- Updated Paraglider to v1.0.1.5
- Updated FTBLib to v5.4.3.147
- Updated Chisel to v1.0.1.44
- Updated Enhanced Visuals to v1.2.7
- Updated Bountiful Boubles to v0.1.3
- Updated Tinkers' Construct to v2.13.0.171
- Updated Constructs' Armory to v1.2.5
- Updated CTM to v1.0.0.29
- Updated FoamFix to v0.10.8
- Added mossy cobblestone variants to the TFC cobblestone blocks
- Added bouldes that can generate thoughout the world
- Mossy cobblestone can be found in the new boulders scattered around the world
- Pam's HarvestCraft crops can now be found growing in the wild



- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.25.2.86
- Updated Tinkers' Construct to v2.13.0.171
- Updated FTB Lib to v5.4.3.141
- Updated Construct's Armory to v1.2.5
- Updated CTM to v1.0.0.29
- Updated FoamFix to v0.10.8
- Updated Chisel to v1.0.0.42
- Added mossy cobblestone variants
- Fixed some recipes
- Changed some values in the Ice & Fire config



- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.24.5.82
- Updated JEI to v4.15.0.291
- Updated Ice and Fire to v1.8.3
- Updated FTB Utilities to v1.0.0.12
- Updated FTB Lib to v5.4.3.140
- Updated FoamFix to v0.10.7
- Updated OreLib to v3.5.2.3
- Updated MysticalLib to v1.3.8
- Updated iChunUtil to v7.2.2
- Updated FTB Utilities to v5.4.0.107
- Updated Exotic Birds to v3.1.0
- Updated Electroblob's Wizardry to v4.2.5
- Updated Dynamic Surroundings to v3.5.5.0
- Updated Wearable Backpacks to v3.1.4
- Added Cuisine
- Added Kiwi
- Fixed, modified and add various new recipes
- Fixed RogueLike Tower to now use TFC blocks
- Torches now burns for 144000 ticks
- Removed some textures
- Added some new textures



- Updated Ice & Fire to v1.8.2
- Updated Immersive Engineering to v0.12-92
- Updated Enhanced Visuals to v1.2.6
- Updated CustomNPCs to "01Oct19"
- Updated Bountiful Baubles to v0.1.2
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.23.9.76
- Disabled Immersive Engineering Steel armor recipes
- Changed Faraday armor recipes to use require the TFC anvil
- Lowered Cicada and Cricket sound volume
- Removed unused betteranimalsplus biome entries
- Changed Roguelike Dungeons to now use the ENIKO tower style
- Removed a bunch of custom GUI textures
- Fixed Large Olive Tree name
- Fixed Signpost waypoint, and stone signs recipes
- Disabled the custom huge trees
- Added red and green apples to ore:foodApple dictionary entry
- Added grapes to ore dictionary entries
- Removed Immersive Engineering metal plates from "double sheet" ore dictionary entries



- Added Ice & Fire
  - Added 190 new custom items, to better integrate it into the environment of TerraFirmaCraft
- Added Phosphor
- Added ReAuth
- Added Enhanced Visuals
- Added Ambient Sounds
- Added Bountiful Baubles
- Added Potion Fingers
- Added FPSReducer
- Added Fullscreen Windowed
- **Updated Electroblob's Wizardry to v4.2.3**
- Updated Arcane Essentials to v3.0.9
- Updated ExtraSpells to v1.1.1
- Updated FTB Utilities to v5.4.0.106
- Updated FTB Quests to v1.7.2.218
- Updated ExNihilo Creatio to v0.4.7.1
- Updated OptiFine to HD U F4 pre3
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.23.8.75
- Removed recipes for Immersive Engineering treated steel tools
- Removed vanilla leather crafting recipes
- Added a bunch of new custom items
- Modified a bunch of loot tables
- Added new ore dictionary entries to various items
- Disabled Arc Furnace recycling recipes
- Changed ExNihilo Creatio sieve and hammer loot registries
- Various other things



- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.23.2.70



- Updated Mystical Lib to v1.3.5
- Updated Pam's HarvestCraft to v1.12.2zf
- Updated FTB utilities to v5.4.0.102
- Updated FTB Quests to v1.7.2.197
- Updated FTB Library to v5.4.3.133
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.22.4.66
- Added various plant grinding recipes to the horse power quern
- Added labrador tea and black orchid dye recipes to the mill, quern and the crushing tub
- Tinkers' moss can be crafted using different moss types now



- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.21.6.59



- Removed Tough As Nails
- Removed Serene Seasons
- Removed Default World Generator
- Roguelike Dungeons now generate
- Storms now occur again
- Made clay slightly more common
- Mossy Cobblestone can now be crafted using moss and cobble
- Disabled Giant Douglas Fir trees
- Added different mosses to an ore dictionary entry
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.21.5.58



- Updated Dropt to v1.16.0
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.21.4.57
- You can now create path blocks by right-clicking with a shovel on grass
- Added WorldEdit
- The Spirit Horse from Electroblob's Wizardry can now be used to pull horse carts and other machines
- Fixed some text in the Patchouli book
- Fixed some recipe issues



- Added CustomNPCs.
- Cows and horses can now pull carts and power grindstones, presses and woodchoppers.
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.21.2.55.
- Added Horses.
- Horses Lang and LootTable. Other animals HeatRecipe.
- Donkey/Mule chest from TFC chests.
- Added gold pan functionality.
- Familiarity render. Render only pointed entity.
- Added sluice functionality.
- Working Sluice
- Fixed some checks for better sluice placement logic
- Sluice now produce gems. Added config for gem and small ores drop chance in each sluice operation.
- Refactored FindOres into FindVeins command.
- Added proper light opacity checks to logs.
- Added custom rotten food capability.
- Falling blocks now crush non-solid blocks they land on.
- Fixed issues with berry bush and crop generation.
- Switched isNormalCube to isSideSolid for placed items.
- Fixes from gold pan + sluice stuff.
- Gold pan only returns native nuggets from sand or gravel.
- Can't fill gold pan underwater.
- Fixed sluice render when nearby.
- Sluice cleanup + code reformat. Fixes sluice not working with salt water.
- Added null check for ores generated.



- Updated MysticalLib to v1.3.3
- Updated JEI to v4.15.0.289
- Updated FTBUtilities to v5.4.0.101
- Updated FTBLib to v5.4.3.131
- Updated InControl to v3.9.16
- Fixed chalk powder recipes
- Chalk rocks can no longer be pulverized into flux powder
- Disabled latex and crude oil in barrel recipes on the server



- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.20.2.52

  • - Lava + water mixing should create basalt cobble/stone, or obsidian.



- Chalk can now be pulverized in the Horse Power mil, Better With Mods mill and the Immersive Engineering crusher
- Fireflies can now random appear above certain flowers during the night when it's not raining or snowing
- While in a mountain biome you may notice auroras in the skies when you look up
- Added a category in the Patchouli book regarding custom stuff
- Doubled the lifespan of the TFC torches
- Disabled some sidebar buttons by default
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.20.1.51
- Updated In Control! to v3.9.15
- Added a new GUI texture for the Baubles inventory
- Updated a whole lot of firewood textures
- Added a new texture for the recipe book background
- Aluminium, Ardite, Cobalt, Constantan, Electrum and Manyullyn sheets and ingots can now be crafted on the Immersive Engineering Metal Press
- Added missing recipes for the Stone Road blocks
- Rubber can now be made with crude oil
- Fixed a lot of Tinkers' Construct casting and melting recipe issues
- Added glue to the slimeball ore dictionary
- Peat can now be used to make creosote



- Added the Horse Power mod
- Added firewood, can be used as kindling and fuel, albeit burning weaker than coal.
- Added rubber (currently unobtainable)
- Added glue
- Added chalk powder
- Reconfigured the Tough as Nails altitude and time temperature



- Added Just a Few Fish
- Added two new songs to the soundtrack
- Configured Armourer's Workshop to now render models on TerraFirmaCraft tools if you have one equipped.



- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.19.1.48
- Added a whole new soundtrack
- Added the Ambience mod
- Added Paragliders
- Added Rope Bridge mod
- Changed Aluminium, Constantan, Electrum, Cobalt, Ardite and Manyullyn ingot textures
- Added ore dictionary entries to Aluminium, Constantan, Electrum, Cobalt, Ardite and Manyullyn sheets, double sheets and double ingots
- Aluminium, Constantan, Electrum, Cobalt, Ardite and Manyullyn sheets, double sheets and double ingots now melt in Tinkers' Construct smelteries
- Electroblob's Wizardry crystal flowers now provide more crystals if ground in querns, mills or crushers
- Tinkers' Construct tool forges and armour forges now use double ingots instead of blocks
- Updated Quark to r1.6-177
- Other minor things



- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.18.1.46
- Added Tinkers' Construct tool parts to the TFC anvil
- Added nutrient values to some Pam's Harvestcraft foods
- Added some Immersive Engineering recipes
- Added double ingots, sheets and double sheets variants to aluminium, constantan, electrum, cobalt, ardite and manyullyn metals
- Lots of other things



  • - Updated MysticalLib to v1.3.2
  • - Updated Quark to r1.6-176
  • - Updated Signpost to v1.08.3



- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.17.0.43



- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.16.3.42



- Added a WIP Patchouli Guide Book for TFC (pictures needs to be worked on)
- Added Tough As Nails & Serene Seasons for testing (might get removed)
- Added Astikor Carts
- Added some fruit tree groves, that will rarely generate in certain biomes and specific soil types
- Added Magma ore veins
- Added a new HUD texture for the health, hunger and thirst
- "Fixed" the TFC slate dirt texture
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to v0.16.2.41
- Updated ExNihilo to v0.4.6
- Updated JourneyMap to v5.5.5
- Updated Quark to r1.6-175
- Updated BetterAnimalsPlus to v7.0.2
- Minor script and config changes



- Vanilla logs now have 2D log textures when in the inventory similarly to TFC logs
- Vanilla jungle trees are now called White Elm - as they were no longer in base TFC
- Rustic logs also have 2D log textures when in the inventory
- Minor recipes additions
- Added Controlling
- Added No More Punching Tree
- Added Gravestone
- Added Quick Leaf Decay
- Added Passable Leaves
- Updated Quark to r1.6-174
- Updated FTBQuests to



- Configured Tinkered Hegemony to make it possible to create tools again.



- Removed Pam's Redbud Tree
- Removed Pam's Spooky Tree
- Updated TerraFirmaCraft to
- Updated BetterWithMods to 2.3.20-1037
- Fixed ore generation
- Fixed some minor recipe issues
- Possibly other things



Remade the entire modpack from scratch, and is therefore not compatible with previous versions. There are a whole lot of new mods, which you can see when you import the modpack into Curse or whatever other software you're using.


For update 0.2 the following mods have been added and configured:

- Better With Mods
- Decocraft 2
- Bibliocraft
- Tree Capitator
- Tinkered Hegemony
- LootTweaker

- Various other mods have been updated.



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