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Uploaded Oct 3, 2018
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- Added a lot of stairs, slabs and fence blocks for every wood and stone block variant. To be more specific: more than 650 blocks.

- Reimplemented the Brewing Stand.

- Roasted ginger is used instead of Nether Wart to brew Awkward potions.

- Various new foods have been added, such as a large variety of nuts and vegetables.

- Added spices leaves - which are edible.

- Added new salt, ulexite, spodumene, wolframite and rutile ores.

- Red- and Blue Steel tools have been replaced with Titanium and Tungsten tools.

- Tinkers' Construct has been added in order to diversify the types of tools. (Some textures are still missing - will be added later).

- New giant (bigger) trees generate in the world.

- Giant Redwood trees will generate in specific biomes.

- The new trees each have their own set of blocks and items, such as new lumber to make planks etc.

- Juniper has also been given its own set of wood.

- In order to see the cherry and jacaranda trees in its full glory, you will need OptiFine!

- All the new trees have custom planks, stairs, slabs and fences made for them. They can be converted into regular TFC wood.

- Blaze rods and powder are obtainable from mining Magma Rocks, which generate deep underground, as well on mountain tops.

- Various other ores are now generating, some are still useless.

- Cocoa now has its own designated fruit tree and can be eaten or made into dye/powder.

- Ghast tears have been replaced with the spodumene ore, which is rare (Spodumene is a mineral containing lithium).

- The background, buttons and the hotbar/toolbar have each gotten a makeover. They are now using the same style as the main menu.

- Weather mod has been disabled for now.

- New buttons have been added to the main menu, they are a link to Patreon and PayPal.

- Readded Armourer's Workshop, and made the skins compatible with TFC and Tinkers' tools & weapons. Now you can have a giant Buster sword if that's what you wish!

- Cotton can be grown and harvested to make cloth more easily.

- Bees and honey have been introduced, so it's now possible to brew mead and make wax candles from the leftover wax.

- Pam's Harvestcraft grapes can now also be used to make wine.

- EnviroMine has been added, but only the Air and Sanity mechanic is used - we don't want random giant chasms in our worlds, do we?

- Cooking with TFC has been added as well.

- Dungeons are still very rare, so rare you forget them (they do generate, don't worry!)

- Bananas?

- Obviously, a ton of recipes have been added, changed and removed.

- Most likely more.


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