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learn terrafirmacraft in a new way, Play whit somes of the best mods interlinked in terrafirmacraft progression. go through create , thermal , applied energistic , mekanism and more.
Custom quests and Craft help the progression in the pack

[*]change the way you craft item in multiple way
[*]add horizontal and vertical gravity
[*]create a vilage where everyone can be helpfull
[*]start by knapping rock togheter and make stone tool
[*]forge powerfull item on the forge and feel the satisfation of crafting item again
[*]as you progress through pack thing become more easy

[*]Start at the stone age and progress to the future age.
[*]a pack that encourage community play
[*]a unique feel of accomplishment
[*]custom craft
[*]custom quest that help you learn the mods in different phase
[*]A complete magic branch
[*]an adventure branch

Lot of hours of fun before you hit the end content.
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