Termina: Official Pack

61 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 31, 2022 Game Version: 1.17.1   +1

This is a Medieval-RPG pack for a world in which anything can happen. 

Mods such as

 - Pehkui (lets you change the size of any mob)

 - EpicFightMod (Dark Souls fighting in Minecraft)

 - VoidFog (Used to enforce an incredible blinding effect below a certain y level in config)

 - Waystones

 - Areas (Forge)

 - Building Gadgets

allow the server owner to have the control necessary to create an indepth and terrifying atmosphere.


The mods:

 - Adorn

 - Balm

 - JourneyMap

 - Useful_Backpacks

 - JEI

 Add a lot to the user experience and the modpack in general.


Finally, this mod is fully optimized for high performance on any device, with 

 - Clumps (clumps xp orbs together to reduce lag)

 - Dynamic View Distance (reduces server view distance when server is lagging)

 - EntityCulling (Doesn't render entities behind walls, huge performance buff)

 - NotEnoughCrashes (Minecraft doesn't close on crash, just returns to title screen)

 - BetterFPSDist (Doesn't render chunks outside of the fog that haunts the edge of your view distance)

 - Ferrite Core (Significant decrease in memory usage)


Any Issues, Bugs, or Questions can go in the comments.

Enjoy >:D


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