8,011 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 4, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


WARNING: Do not install the newest beta if you have a pre-existing world relying on computercraft. I have removed ComputerCraft and replaced it with OpenComputers


TekkPlus is a recreation of my all time favorite & my first modpack- Tekkit Classic. Though I love Classic, and have loved it since it was first released (as Tekkit at the time) I do prefer the various features of the recent incarnations of the mods within Classic. I hope to give people the chance to play this wonderful combination of mods and get the same enjoyment I have but with an updated client, and more feature rich mods!

I have taken the liberty of adding in a few mods which I think improve the game play, but do not alter the original mod list in any way, these are listed as "Additions" in the mod list below. 






Note: I take no credit for any of the mods in this pack, I've simply mashed them together for enjoyment and added my thumbnail. :)



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