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Hello, I am making bigger modpack (of course, I am not big modpack creator, I tried at least). 

This modpack contain magic of Thaumcraft  with ProjectE creating good connection between used Technic mods in this Modpack. What can be better with favorite mods like: Industrial Craft, BuildCraft, Tinkers Construct, Applied Energistics, Immersive Engineering, Botania & many more..


NOTE: The modpack is really heavy I needed to used minimal 5GB or more of RAM to run this modpack properly.

NEW: Server Pack (For latest version use 1.0.3b version of Server Pack) is released with fixed mods. Download latest version of it now!

 Mods List:


AcademyCraft (Author: WeAthFolD)
Advanced Machines (Author: Chocohead)
Advanced Rocketry (Author: zmaster587)
AE2 Stuff (Author: bdew)
Alternating Flux (Author: AntiBlueQuirk)
Animal Bikes (Author: Noppes)
Applied Energistics 2 (Author: AlgorithmX2)
Aroma1997Core (Author: Aroma1997)
Aroma1997s Dimensional World (Author: Aroma1997)
AutoRegLib (Author: Vazkii)
Avaritia 1.1x (Author: brandon3055)
Avaritia Tweaks (Author: Jacky1356400)
Baubles (Author: azanor)
BdLib (Author: bdew)
BetterFps (Author: Guichaguri)
BiblioCraft (Author: JDSinclair)
Bookshelf (Author: Darkhax)
Botania (Author: Vazkii)
Brandon's Core (Author: brandon3055)
Buildcraft (Author: CovertJaguar)
CD4017BE Library (Author: CD4017BE)
CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ (Author: covers1624)
CoFH Core (Author: TeamCoFH)
CoFH World (Author: TeamCoFH)
Common Capabilities (Author: kroeser)
ComputerCraft (Author: dantwohundred)
ConnectedTexturesMod (Author: tterrag1098)
CraftTweaker (Author: jaredlll08)
CXLibrary (Author: CubeX2)
Cyclops Core (Author: kroeser)
Doctor Who - Weeping Angels (Author: Suffril)
Embers Rekindled (Author: BordListian)
Ender IO (Author: CrazyPants_MC)
EnderCore (Author: tterrag1098)
Enchantment Descriptions (Author: Darkhax)
Environmental Tech (Author: ValkyrieofNight)
Equivalent Integrations (Author: pkmnfrk)
EverlastingAbilities (Author: kroeser)
Expanded Equivalence (Author: Zeitheron)
Factory Tech (Author: lucariomaster1)
Fancy Block Particles (Author: TominoCZ)
Flux Networks (Author: Ollie_Lansdell)
FoamFix for Minecraft (Author: asiekierka)
Foamflower (Author: kamildanak)
Food Expansion (Author: Lellson)
Forestry (Author: SirSengir)
Forge MultiPart CBE (Author: covers1624)
FTB Library (Author: FTB)
Gendustry (Author: bdew)
Gendustry JEI Addon (Author: ninjabrain1)
Genetics Reborn (Author: theundertaker11_)
Giselbaer's Durability Viewer (Author: Thorgeig)
GraveStone Mod (Author: EuhDawson)
Guidebook (Author: gigaherz)
Hammer (Lib) Core (Author: Zeitheron)
Hats (Author: iChun)

HeroesExpansion (Author: lucraft)
Chisel (Author: tterrag1098)
Chisels & Bits (Author: AlgorithmX2)
Chunk-Pregenerator (Author: Speiger)
iChunUtil (Author: iChun)
Immersive Engineering (Author: BluSunrize)
Immersive Tech (Author: ferroo2000)
Inductive Logistics (Author: CD4017BE)
Industrial Craft (Author: Player)
Industrial Foregoing (Author: Buuz135)
Industrial Wires (Author: malte0811)
Integrated Dynamics (Author: kroeser)
Integration Foregoing (Author: Jacky1356400)
Iron Chests (Author: progwml6)
Iskallium Reactors (Author: Winter_Grave)
JEI Integration (Author: SnowShock35)
JourneyMap (Author: techbrew)
Just Enough Calculation (Author: Towdium)
Just Enough Items (JEI) (Author: mezz)
Just Enough Resources (JER) (Author: Way2muchnoise)
JustEnoughIDs (Author: Runemoro)
KJLib (Author: kjmaster2)
LambdaLib (Author: WeAthFolD)
LibVulpes (Author: zmaster587)
Login Shield (Author: Glasspelican)

Lucraft: Core (Author: lucraft)
Magical Psi (Author: wiiv)
Mantle (Author: mDiyo)
McJtyLib (Author: McJty)
MCMultiPart (Author: amadornes)
Mekanism (Author: aidancbrady)
Mekanism Generators (Author: aidancbrady)
Mekanism Tools (Author: aidancbrady)
Mike's Mods Library (Author: pkmnfrk)
Moar Tinkers (Author: AshuraNoYami)
ModelLoader (Author: cout970)
Multi Mob Library (Author: Daveyx0)
NetherPortalFix (Author: BlayTheNinth)
NotEnoughIDs (Author: fewizz)
Numina (Author: MachineMuse)
OC XNet Driver (Author: Davenonymous)
OpenComputers (Author: SangarWasTaken)
OpenComputers Drivers for Tinkers Construct (Author: BrisingrAerowing)
OpenPrinter (Author: MichiyoRavencroft)
Ore Excavation (Author: Funwayguy)
p455w0rd's Library (Author: TheRealp455w0rd)
PlusTiC (Author: landmaster_phuong0429)
Project Intelligence (Author: brandon3055)
ProjectE (Author: sinkillerj)
Proportional Destruction Particles (Author: MolecularPhylo)
Psi (Author: Vazkii)

Pymtech (Author: lucraft)
QuantumStorage (Author: Gigabit1011)
Random Things (Author: lumien231)
Realistic Item Drops (Author: Funwayguy)
ReAuth (Author: TechnicianLP)
Reborn Core (Author: modmuss50)
Reborn Storage (Author: modmuss50)
Redstone Arsenal (Author: TeamCoFH)
Redstone Flux (Author: TeamCoFH)
Refined Storage (Author: raoulvdberge)
RFTools (Author: McJty)
RFTools Control (Author: McJty)
RFTools Dimensions (Author: McJty)
RFTools Power (Author: McJty)
RFTools Power / OC Integration (Author: BrisingrAerowing)

Robotic Parts (Author: An_Sar)
Rockhounding Mod: Core (Author: GlobbyPotato)
Rockhounding Mod: Chemistry (Author: GlobbyPotato)
Rockhounding Mod: Rocks (Author: GlobbyPotato)
Rockhounding Mod: Surface (Author: GlobbyPotato)
Shadowfacts' Forgelin (Author: shadowfactsmc)
Silent Lib (Author: SilentChaos512)
Silent's Gems (Author: SilentChaos512)
Silent's Gems - TiC Support (Author: SilentChaos512)
Silent's Gems: Extra Parts (Author: SilentChaos512)
Simple Generators (Author: ValkyrieofNight)
Simple Storage Network (Author: Lothrazar)
SimpleCore API (Author: AleXndrTheGr8st)
SimpleOres (Author: AleXndrTheGr8st)
Simply Jetpacks 2 (Author: Tomson124)
Sonar Core (Author: Ollie_Lansdell)

Speedster Heroes (Author: lucraft)
Storage Tech (Author: cyrilgenin)
Surge (Author: Darkhax)
Tech Reborn (Author: modmuss50)
TESLA (Author: Darkhax)
Tesla Core Lib (Author: Face_of_Cat)
Thaumcraft (Author: azanor)
Thaumic Computers (Author: jco2641)
Thaumic Equivalence (Author: Lilylicious)
The One Probe (Author: McJty)
The Weirding Gadget (Author: AtomicBlom)
Thermal Dynamics (Author: TeamCoFH)
Thermal Expansion (Author: TeamCoFH)
Thermal Foundation (Author: TeamCoFH)
Thermal Innovation (Author: TeamCoFH)
Thermal Tinkering (Author: Samboy063)
Tinkers Construct (Author: mDiyo)
Tinkers' Complement (Author: KnightMiner)
Tinkers' Tool Leveling (Author: bonusboni)
Tough As Nails (Author: GlitchfiendMods)
Tough Expansion (Author: TheRealp455w0rd)
TrashSlot (Author: BlayTheNinth)
Traverse (Author: ProfessorProspector)
UniDict (Author: WanionCane)
ValkyrieCompat (Author: ValkyrieofNight)
ValkyrieLib (Author: ValkyrieofNight)
WanionLib (Author: WanionCane)
XNet (Author: McJty)
Xtones (Author: TehNut) 


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