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159K Downloads Updated Aug 18, 2019 Created Dec 27, 2018

A space exploration modpack where you start from the asteroids dimension.

190K Downloads Updated May 1, 2020 Created Mar 23, 2019

You're stranded in the Antimatter Dimension, use the power of chemistry to escape it

398K Downloads Updated Aug 7, 2019 Created Aug 9, 2017

A Lighter Version of the ATM 3 Modpack for 1.12

387K Downloads Updated May 12, 2020 Created Aug 28, 2018

ATM3:Remix -- A new take on ATM for 1.12 -- an update so large it...

442K Downloads Updated Oct 21, 2019 Created May 7, 2018

FoolCraft is a Minecraft 1.12.2 Modpack aimed at having as much fun as freakin' possible.

109K Downloads Updated Aug 12, 2018 Created Aug 11, 2018


1.6M Downloads Updated Nov 2, 2016 Created May 16, 2016

It's skyblock like you've never seen it before! High tech mods, full automation, and chicken...

78.2K Downloads Updated Jun 2, 2020 Created Jan 6, 2020

Bringing you adventure, technology, magic, building and new mods to discover!

124K Downloads Updated May 1, 2020 Created Sep 23, 2019

A sky block combining the power of Alchemistry & ProjectE

76.6K Downloads Updated May 10, 2020 Created May 7, 2019

In Amnesia the whole world have Amnesia. Random recipes, mob drops, block drops, button placements....

40.5K Downloads Updated Nov 6, 2019 Created Oct 22, 2019

An updated version of Tekkit Classic, with added A-list mods.

127K Downloads Updated Mar 28, 2020 Created Jul 23, 2019

Valhelsia is a 1.14.4 modpack with a mix of tech, magic, exploration and adventure...

664K Downloads Updated Jan 11, 2017 Created Aug 21, 2015

An HQM pack set in a desolate wasteland

294K Downloads Updated Oct 28, 2019 Created Apr 29, 2019

In stark contrast to the tech heavy, goal orientated skyblock packs of late, FTB is...

32.9K Downloads Updated May 10, 2020 Created Apr 11, 2020

Minecraft Create Live is a Modpack created for the german YouTube/Twitch project "Minecraft Create Live".

76.1K Downloads Updated Jun 3, 2020 Created Jul 22, 2018

A research based tech progression modpack inspired by Factorio

255K Downloads Updated Feb 9, 2020 Created Jun 5, 2019

The fifth season of Ragnamod now with quest !

14.2K Downloads Updated May 21, 2020 Created May 20, 2020

The third modpack of the Material Energy Series!

15.1K Downloads Updated Jun 6, 2020 Created Nov 22, 2019

Stuck in a compact machine use automation and nuclear power to escape!

146K Downloads Updated May 18, 2020 Created Jul 3, 2019

You wake up in a small, dark cavern deep within a glacier. Maybe you can...