Teagan's School of Thaumaturgy (Squad Network)

14,037 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 15, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10  


v1.5     Updated Better Questing - no more black screen when warped

            Removed Inventory Scanning because it was causing issues


v1.4     Added CustomMainMenu, Resource Loader, and Thaumcraft Inventory Scanning mods

            Renamed saves folder to template


v1.3       **Map Update** Removed layer of bedrock under the school

              Added a bit more helpful info to beginning quests (from feedback)


v1.21     Forgot the custom npc folder


v1.2       Added Warp Book mod

              Added Fastcraft to help with possible lighting lag


v1.1       Go figure some files were missing


v1.0       Initial release