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Teagan's School of Thaumaturgy (Squad Network)



This modpack was designed for those who have little to no experience with Thaumcraft and is a fairly comprehensive walkthrough of Thaumcraft 4 plus a few of the more popular addons. The other mods are there to make the player's life easier. A questbook is included to take you from basic Thaumcraft to Eldritch to Ichorium. I try to make the concepts of Thaumcraft as simple and straightforward as possible.


You arrive at a school ready to begin your four year study in wizardry. Classrooms are designed to help you understand how to set up the large magical constructs needed. 


I do not make players create everything in the mods because there is so much in Thaumcraft 4 alone. What I do is touch on the important parts of Thaumcraft and have you make and experiment with some of the fun items yet give warnings against using more destructive items. This modpack is designed to make beginners feel confident without watching several tutorials online. 


Please note: The mini-game is turned off because in my opinion it hinders players from learning Thaumcraft. If you complete this modpack, you will have the knowledge to beat the mini-game in packs that enable it.


If you want to play this on a server, there is plenty of room left in the school for players to spread out and make their own bases.


Map made by http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/hogwarts-51840/



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Please report other issues and/or suggestions to https://github.com/teagan75/School-of-Thaumaturgy/issues