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TaxFraud Server Network Automation SMP Pack


Private server Modpack.

This is intended for use with a barren world (significantly lower ore generation rates).
Also for use with a custom quest chain (Not yet part of default mod download).


This pack centres around the Create and Ex Nihilo mods.

Using Ex Nihilo, allows you to process cobblestone into many other items,
and when paired with a cobblestone generator, you'll be able to create entire worlds out of nothing.

In the early game, you'll often be crushing cobblestone into gravel, and sieving gravel for things like iron ore pieces,
which can be used to craft raw iron.

The Create mod will allow you to automate production of practically any item in the entire game.

Using both of these mods together, you can create automated contraptions that can process cobblestone into nearly any item in the game.


This pack aims to give a ground-up automation centred survival experience, much like Skyblock Modpacks,
but in a normal Minecraft world better suited for an SMP with more than 3 players.
This Modpack also aims to keep a light modded feel, closer to Vanilla+ than all out modded,
this pack is also somewhat inspired by the classic Tekkit Modpacks.



This pack is still a work in progress.