Tales of Valor

71 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10

Tales of Valor is a fantasy medieval based modpack. The itself mainly utilizes minefantasy two as its main progression mod. However should you or those of your group be more magic orientated, there is also Witchery and Thaumcraft included in this. Given you're properly geared up and ready, or even just have a large sum of people on your side, you can take on a dungeon. Though be warned of the two mods in here that add dungeons, neither will be easy on you. It still takes multiple hits from some of the best weapons in the pack to kill some of the basic mobs in these dungeons. 


Tales of Valor includes, and is meant to be played on its public server


The pack itself includes a public server, which operates using the factions plugin. This means that raiding and pvp will not only be a thing that's allowed, but also encouraged. Though with either a bit of cleverness or just sheer power on factions you will still be able to keep your things safe, so don't worry tremendously. That being said, don't think there's no rules on the server. We still of course need some though as long as you don't exploit, you'll probably be just fine.


If the server says its whitelisted, that means it's currently going through maintenance.

Last but not least, we do have a discord, please join if you want updates on the server. To join click here.



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