Steve's New Galaxy

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Steve's New Galaxy combines several modifications to create an immersive, post-apocalyptic, multi-planetary, and semi-scientifically-accurate engineering simulation environment within your ordinary Java Minecraft game. The modpack is powered by MCForge and the mods can be found on Curse.

The year is 20XX, humanity has peaked in its industrial capability and in the process has destroyed itself with it's own creation, technology.

Advancements in chemical engineering have enabled scientists to synthesize anything imaginable, given the proper elements. A man-made virus swept the planet, those infected became ghoulish and cannibalistic, and the MCDC (Minecraft Center of Disease Control) highly recommends staying armed and staying indoors.

When the deadly reanimating virus began plaguing the planet, the world's most powerful nations turned against each other, unsure of each other's responsibility regarding the virus' creation.

After months of international suspicion and extremely high infestation rates, multiple nations fired off ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) at each other, effectively devastating the entire planet's ecosystem.

There's not much of our world left these days.

But we can rebuild, and we will survive.

Power Generation and Natural Resource Harvesting keeps this giant space turd spinning, and provides us with more ways to not only avoid being eaten by ghoulish zombies, but thrive in this "uninhabitable" wasteland of a planet cube.

If you don't find our lovely radioactive cesspit of a planet comfortable enough to inhabit long-term, feel free to build yourself a rocket ship and take off! There's an abundance of other barren planets reachable... given you have enough fuel and a good enough ship.

It's a cyberpunk's universe out here, building technology allows you to get the most out of the world(s) around you.

With the most advanced mineral processing factories, a single player could harvest 6 ingots from a single ore block of any kind.

If you're feeling like iron man, why not build yourself  a set of Powersuit ArmorOh, and you'll probably want to build yourself a system of Computers and write code in LUA to make your own personal assistant AI program while you're at it.

Or, you could build an ICBM and wipe out another player, js.

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