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StonksCraft Minecraft ModPack Discord

StonksCraft Season3 Trailer

The StonksCraft Modpack includes mods curated by the Serious and Pro Gamers executives to provide members with a better minecraft experience through decisions made by its members. Members of SPG have access to a wide array of mods to play with on top of the regular vanilla minecraft experience.

This is an always updating modpack, new mods being being added, old ones removed and we are always taking requests as to what mods should be in the pack.

When playing this pack you have 2 main routes to take

  • you can play the vanilla+ style and not really mess with tech mods all that much, use Chisel and other mods to make some beautiful works of art
  • you can go full tech based, live underground and automate everything and anything, with Refined Storage you shouldn't ever have to worry about storage problems again

Please note that when using pipe covers, Optifine can crash your game, This is due to Optifines janky way of hooking into the game to add it's changes and can't be fixed without removing Optifine itself Want to use covers have another player place them as hard crash only happens on clientside or remove Optifine to place the covers. Covers are fine once placed crash only happens while looking at pipes with cover in hand.

Minium of 8GB ram is recommended to play on this pack