Spelunker's Paradise

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Do you feel like there isn't enough variety in Minecraft? Do you want better caves? Do you want your world to be more dangerous? Do you want your survival experience to be more luck based? Do you want a completely different experience each retry? Do you have many different play styles? If you said yes to nearly every single one of these questions, you might have just found your most favorite mod pack!


With that out of the way, I present to you, Spelunker's Paradise! - Created by Master_64


This mod pack mainly features the following...


► 600+ new weapons to fight with!
► 90+ armor sets!
► 200+ new mobs!
► 15+ bosses!
► Over 20k+ new items, blocks and commodities!
► 640+ new structures to find!
► 70 new ores to harvest!
► Over 160+ new enchantments to use!
► The vanilla mobs are now skilled and are ready for battle!
► Find and fight mini-bosses for good loot!
► A whole new cave remaster!
► 8 new secret music discs to find!
► Explore the world and find loot to fight mobs with!
► 90k+ crafting recipes!
► Food and regeneration were overhauled and balanced!
► 14 brand new dimensions to explore and conquer!
► Some mods were rebalanced and add a new type of challenge!
► Immerse yourself with an all new sound system!
► Experience the all new music overhaul, with nearly 3 hours of different music!
► Tinker around with Tinker's Construct and construct many new tools and armor!
► Level up your player over the hours you will play!





Running this mod pack will use a lot of resources in your computer; make sure you have a good computer before playing this. Having 8 gigabytes of ram to allocate is very helpful too!


Also, check out the discord server if you need help or just want to chill! - https://discord.gg/apBPHBc



✔ Raid a village.

✔ Make your first AIOT.

✔ Obtain a stack of diamonds.

✔ Craft a Biome Finder.

✔ Find the climbing gloves.

✔ Get your first inventory pet.

✔ Touch a Fade Leaf.

✔ Make your first mob grinder.

✔ Craft a legendary or masterful quality tool or piece of armor.

✔ Make the magic mirror.

✔ Travel to the nether.

✔ Have a zombie use his leap ability and them finish him off.

✔ Find or create your first amulet and use it.

✔ Craft the rod of Lyssa and rob a mob of a piece of armor and a weapon.

✔ Create your first jet pack.

✔ Travel to the Twilight Forest.

✔ Find a stronghold.

✔ Make a tool from Tinker's Construct.

✔ Craft a slime yo-yo and swing across a pit.

✔ Wear a full set of enchanted armor.

✔ Fully raid your first dungeon.

✔ Find and kill either a zombie mini-boss or kill a skeleton mini-boss.

✔ Kill the Ender Dragon.

✔ Go into a rift.

✔ Create the wither boss and defeat it.

-Long-term quests!-

✔ Conquer all the dimensions in their entirety.

✔ Get a full set of Draconic armor.

✔ Obtain at least 6.4k different types of items.

✔ Kill the Chaos Guardian.

-Unique Quests!-

✔ Obtain a sword that deals 60 or more attack damage.

✔ Max out your skill tree.

✔ Get a full set of enchanted diamond armor strictly from mob drops.

✔ Get a treasure chest from fishing.

✔ Find a mythical mini-boss and kill it. (you can tell by checking the color of the boss, which should be gold)

✔ Use the iron ring of speed.

✔ Kill a boss with a yo-yo.

✔ Build up your player speed to a value of 3x or more. (check by shift+use then checking your speed value)

✔ Get all of the music discs.

-Very Helpful Tips-

► Craft a pouch from Tiny Progressions as fast as you can. All you need is 2 chests, 2 string and 5 leather (double chest space).

► Since enchanting early game is rare, use your experience for leveling up your player (press L to see your skill tree).

► Getting a pet early game always helps.

► Use magnet mode to get items faster (enable it via JEI).

► Always be careful around mobs, since they pose more of a challenge than previously.

► Shields always help. Always have some kind of item in your left hand.

► Be very careful when entering the nether. Although it is kind of random, if you get unlucky, you could get hunted by many a mob.


Q: Why is my game lagging a ton?

A: Well Minecraft isn't generally optimized, which is why I suggest that you get OptiFine. Legally, I cannot include OptiFine in this mod pack, so go get that and optimize it to perfection!


Q: Why can't I craft a stone pickaxe?

A: You need to smelt cobblestone to get stone, then use the stone to make the tools.


Q: Where's some of my must-have items in Extra Utilities, Cyclic, and Tiny Progressions?

A: This pack was made to be fun while still retaining the difficult aspect of it. If you feel so compelled to regain the items back, go into the config files for all three and add them back in, if your a sissy and can't take the challenge (:


Q: I want to change my controls easier OR I can't figure out a bind to a certain key.

A: Press F7 to bring up the keyboard wizard if you're on version 1.2.4 or lower. Press F4 to bring up the keyboard wizard if you're on version 1.2.5. Just find the bind you want to rebind, click on it, then click on the key you want to bind it to.


Q: I pressed a pressure plate in a cave and I died to "something."

A: I wouldn't step on that trap if I were you.


Q: Why did I get teleported into a block after touching a purple flower?

A: That's called a fade leaf. It teleports you to a random position.


Q: Why does my game stop generating chunks temporarily?

A: It could be caused by 2 things. 1: Your computer is having trouble computing all the chunks. 2. You're flying so fast that your computer can't handle it. - In general, don't try to go insanely fast.


Q: I hate games without an endgame goal.

A: Okay, kill the Chaos Guardian then. Alternatively, set your own endgame goal.


Q: I want to use a resource pack.

A: I doubt you can run that; furthermore, whatever resource pack you use won't apply on all textures, making your world look weird. Just stick with the 16x16, it's fine.


Q: I found a major game breaking glitch and/or bug!

A: Comment the problem and maybe I can fix it.


Q: My game almost instantly crashes due to ExtraUtils2? (only happens with the oldest version to my knowledge)

A: Try downgrading forge to forge version


Q: My game crashes due to running out of ram?

A: Get a better computer, or allocate more ram.


Q: How are the caves so good?

A: Your welcome :D


Q: How do I zoom in or out of my mini-map?

A: Use the - and + keys.


Q: How can I take a screenshot that shows myself plus things behind me (because it was changed)?

A: Press F6. F5 controls thirdperson from the back and F6 controls thirdperson from the front.


Q: How can I craft a specific item that uses the same recipe as something else?

A: Use a normal crafting table. You can switch between conflicting recipes and pick the item you want to craft.


Q: I keep dying all the time because the mobs are too powerful!

A: Be more careful and play it safe (get armor and a shield as soon as you can).


Q: I hate games without an endgame goal.

A: Okay, kill the Chaos Guardian then. Alternatively, set your own endgame goal.


Q: What's up with the skeletons?

A: Have fun :)


Q: What if my question isn't here?

A: Ask in the comments, I will reply back as soon as I can if I'm not too busy.

-Current Bugs-


Can be fixed


Going to the nether makes your experience bar glitch out (getting more exp fixes it).

Refined storage extremely rarely steals all of your items, requires a full game re-install...

Rarely sneaking freezes you in place. Can be fixed by restarting. Very rare.


Can't be fixed


Cave generation creates random walls rarely.

Sometimes you collect ores with a tag 'cannot be placed' which are pretty rare.

When you get an achievement, sometimes the fireworks can hurt you.

Updating from a version later than v1.2.1 then replaying a world will cause some items to disappear (only items from ExtraGems OR the cloud boots if you update from a version later than v1.2.3)

Sometimes trees can spawn inside a structure or inside a bigger tree. Usually is uncommon.

-Mod List-

(188 total mods)

Also, to maximize the amount of fun, generate Lost Cities (BOP) and customize it to do rare cities!


By the way, remember to back up your worlds, options, and journey map settings before updating!


...and one last thing, make sure you download OptiFine, you will need it if you want a smooth experience!


If you have any thoughts about this mod pack, please leave a comment detailing your thoughts while playing on this mod pack, I will be happy to respond :D


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