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Something Scary (SS) -

This is a RPG modpack with 81 mods (Optifine you should install manually).


Modpack is based on "AoA3, The Twilight Forest, The Abyss 2 and Ice and Fire: Dragons" mods


Modpack has a Scaling Health installed, so be prepared, for hard game experience!


The main goal of modpack is to kill all bosses (Including AoA3 and The Twilight Forest bosses), and get all the artifacts from mod Artifacts.


For less-lags allocate for minecraft 4+ GB RAM, play with 2-4 chunks, and if you have Optifine installed, deactivate all animations and particles, make 'Fast' option at all settings (Dyn. Light is optional), and play in windowed/low resolution fullscreen mode.


Fast Q&A:

I found a bug, what should i do?

 Write me in a discord - "RedWolf#7398" or here at comments 

Can i upload modpack on any other sites?

 If you want to share a modpack with others, please, use official CurseForge link (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/something-scary)

 I'm making Let's Play/Streaming/Making review on this modpack...

Just mention me as a creator of modpack, and you can do what you want to do.