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This modpack is still Work in Progress, so expect missing or overpowered recipes. Please report them on github and also report new features you might want in this modpack.


I mark any Release as Release but also add Alpha, Beta, RC and RU (Release Updates) so you can see this modpack also on curseforge launcher.


This modpack uses mods which don't allow downloads outside of CurseForge so don't post those issues on github!

Don't forget to get your stages :)



This modpack is like any skyblock modpack that you have ever seen? I don't think so. You can get any island by changing it on world creation, currently there are 9 islands you can choose from.

Early game: If you have chosen your island, you only have those resources to make your island bigger. Don't forget, this modpack is based on Ex Nihilo to show the potential of this mod and their addons.
Mid game: For your mid game you have Refined Storage or Applied Energistics to store your items.
Begin is different. End is the same. Try to kill the Ender Dragon and get all creative machines.

With future updates there will be more islands and many more features like more hardcore recipes.