The main generation of resources in this Pack is about Bees.


It is a Skyblock style beginning, without sieving. Till you get your first Bee and then you have to breed them to get all of the Resource Bees.

Some Recipes are made a bit harder to make it a liitle bit challenging.


The Pack includes:

- many Custom Bees to give you for example Iron, Diamond, Osmium etc.

- Tech Mods such as: Mekanism, AE2, Thermal, Industrial Foregoing.

- Magic Mods such as: Astral Sorcery, Botania, Blood Magic.

- Some Custom Items and Blocks.



This Pack has:

  • 22 chapters -> 750+ quests
  • 60 Resource Bees
  • 150+ Mods
  • Changed Recipes












Sky Bees 2 - Modpack Spotlight (Deutsch/German)