SION Adventure is a modpack that is made to feel like vanilla, but better. It adds a lot of unique structures, and also reworked versions of the normal vanilla structures, thanks to YUNG. The modpack also adds some quality of life changes, in form of the mods mouse tweaks, passthrough signs, Lootr, Golden hopper and so on. 

The modpack also has a mod called Aileron, which basically reworks the elytra, so that is not overpowered. Cause in normal vanilla once you get the elytra, all other forms of transportation becomes obsolete. 

The last main feature of this modpack is the mod shoppy. Which adds to the multiplayer experience. By granting the player a block, from which they can sell their items for other items. An example could be selling a stack of bread for 1 diamond. This mod basically makes trading and sitting up shops in Minecraft Multiplayer more easy and interactive.


All in All SION Adventure plans to make Minecraft more enjoyable to explore on foot, while still keeping the Vanilla feel of the game.


Feel free to add any suggestions in the comments :-)