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Wikis/Proximity Chat

This tutorial will help you with setting up proximity chat in SIMPEarth!

1. Download Mumble:

2. Go through the Audio Wizard

3. Go to Configure > Settings... > Plugins and enable Link to Game and Transmit Position

4. Make sure all of the other settings look exactly like these:

5. Go to Server > Connect... > Add New...
Port: 2203
Username: <your mc name>
Label: SIMPEarth

6. Click OK and then Connect

7. You'll have to input a password, it's the same as the Minecraft server password

You are now done with setting up proximity chat!


Try it out with one of your friends, make sure you, and them, have followed these steps correctly!

If for some reason it doesn't work, please comment below or contact srnyx#0001.


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