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You know how it goes. You start up a modpack, gather just enough resources to get to ore doubling and then breeze through the game until you are sitting on so many resources you might as well call yourself the new Ender Dragon. A lot of packs attempt to prolong the game by making recipes more expensive or gating crafting behind timers. To me, this gets away from what Minecraft is all about. 

With Sentimentality, the goal was to create an enhanced vanilla pack. None of the mods added here will double smelting, or store unrealistic amounts of items, or excavate entire veins in one hit. The most extreme things here are mundane by most standards.  

~~This is a low/no tech pack~~

It is intended for singleplayer/light multiplayer. 

"That's great but what make this pack unique?"

Simply put, Sentimentality is a collection of hand curated mods and changes made to provide quality-of-life enhancements without going overboard.


Speaking of mods, here's the


 Boy that list sure looks long doesn't it? Lemme just give you a short list of...


Notable Features

  • Always spawn in a Village at the start
  • Pigmen forget you after you die
  • Anvils are cheaper to use
  • Simple backpacks that are 1/3rd of a chest (push B to use)
  • Shift+Rightclick to edit signs
  • Ceiling Torches
  • Leave a corpse when you die (It'll hold your items and works with hoppers)
  • Put banners on beds
  • Rightclick to cycle paintings (w/ painting in hand)
  • Shovels make dirt and coarse dirt into paths (Shift+Rightclick to go back to dirt) 
  • Shift+Rightclick to kick animals out of boats and minecarts
  • Hoe enchantment for auto-planting
  • ONE Personal End Portal once you beat the dragon
  • Hold X to go Prone
  • Use seeds on dirt to make grass
  • Clock and Compass in your inventory to show time and XYZ on GUI
  • F4 to see light level
  • Milk any logical animal
  • 50% of all mooshrooms are brown
  • 25% of all zombies are villagers
  • Drink milk to get hunger back
  • Simple 2x2 chunkloader
  • All baby animals are born with names
  • Hold V to ping a block
  • Charcoal Block
  • Craftable Tridents
  • Craftable Chainmail
  • Craftable Horse Armor
  • Craftable Nametags
  • Craftable Saddle
  • Craft "Fleather" with four flesh
  • Smoker can turn Fleather into leather but it takes 2x as long to cook (4 per char/coal)
  • Blasting Furnace can reclaim one ingot from used tools/armor
  • Villagers spawn with names
  • Walk through spiderwebs to break them
  • Throw Lapis into The Wishing Well to make it rain, Glowstone Dust to make it thunder, and a Gold Nugget to make it stop.
  • Quieter Minecarts
  • Wood log recipes added to the Stonecutter
  • Upward Hoppers!




With all of that said, this pack is designed to be used with Shaders!

I cannot provide you with said Shaders or OptiFine 1.14.4 HD U F5(LINK) but I can say that it looks Particularly good with:

ProjectLUMA 1.32 (LINK)

 Sildurs Enhanced Default 1.10 (LINK)

 Sildurs Vibrant Shaders 1.262 High (LINK)


I have packaged pre-set configs for these three shaders inside the modpack. All you have to do is drop Optifine in the mods folder, and drop the shader in the shaderpack folder and activate the shader! I would suggest Enhanced Default if you have a weaker computer, Vibrant if you have a better computer, and LUMA if you want PBR. 


Did I mention that this pack comes with a custom Resource pack too?! Cause it does! Using as a base, I created a custom resource pack that includes such changes as:

  • 3D Rails!
  • 3D Ladders!
  • 3D Sugarcane!
  • 3D Iron Bars
  • 3D Stonecutter!
  • 3D Cauldrons, Boats and Minecart items
  • Borderless Glass!
  • Damaged item visuals!
  • Emissive textures! (Including HiVis eyes for most hostile mobs)
  • PBR Maps (80% complete. Some metals don't reflect at all yet.)


 Check out the Images Tab for details!


That about wraps it up. I think you will find that playing this pack doesn't really feel like playing a pack at all. 


Want to support me on Patreon? Click here!


All mods are used without explicit permission but with respect and full credit to the original author. If you do not want your mod used in my pack, please DM me and I will honor your wishes. 


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