This mod pack is centered around the minecolonies mod, looking to build a lite RPG and exploration experience that complements minecolonies


Features include:

  • Build your own thriving city with living npcs and progress through the stages of civilization with minecolonies, while minecraft comes alive adds unique personalities to villages


  • The addition of several new mob types, with new passive animals, and new and upgraded enemies.


  • seasonal overhauls along with Terralith to add variation to the seasons with a vanilla flavored biome overhaul


  • food and fishing additions to improve the culinary and combat experience


  • static structures and way points to encourage exploration with the possibility of great rewards


  • raids, procedural dungeons, and progression events to build on replayability and emphasize the importance of building your city hub.


  • Epic Fight and Epic Knights for new combat


Sadboi reloaded looks to maintain a somewhat vanilla feel but add just enough adventure and rpg features to add challenge and replayability so that your city never sleeps