Rule By Flame

245 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 29, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

We have worked long and hard to create an adventure/tech modpack that delivers difficulty without dispair, challenge without cruelty. At the same time we wanted the resulting pack to work on average computers without lagging too much both in single player and in multiplayer. We are very proud to present you with "Rule By Flame" that is without doubt the best pack we have made so far.

You will find that it plays very differently to other modpacks because of the availability of certain resources at the surface that normally are not and the deadly aspect of anything below the surface. You start with items including some that are soulbound, so you should really not tinker with gamerules and play on hard. Darkness is actually DARK and you should be very careful at night. Maybe it will make your dungeon crawling a little easier? Or maybe not? Well, you can always use your "Stick of Truth" which can take you to your own private dimension anytime to store loot and then jump right back into the fray.

Advance through the tech, create powerful weapons and armor and use unusual tech mods like Pistronics and more to become the ultimate master of your world. The pack is server-friendly, but you should only truly feel safe in your pocket dimensions. Creepers and other horrors will get you... eventually. Even if they have to very slowly dig their way towards you. Your turrets, forcefields, weapons and minions should keep you safe though.

Thanks to all the mod authors and to everybody playing - I wish you a lot of enjoyment!


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