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Uploaded Aug 21, 2019
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Full changelog here. 
TL:DR: Remade quests with FTBQuests, added Embers, in-game guide and shop. Bunch of config fixes.

- 1.30a: fixed golden quest giving creative urns.
- Completely reworked all the quests using FTBQuests and FTBMoney mods. You can open Questing menu with a book or a button in the upper left corner on you Inventory menu.
- Added in-game shop where you can buy items for gold earned from quests. You can find shop menu in the upper left corner of Questing or Inventory menu. Some items are only available there and more items will be added in the future. (You may also suggest your items).
- Added in-game guide section, available in the upper left corner of the inventory screen. Useful info, tips, info about mods, still work in progress. 
- New magi-tech mod: Embers! It features a smattering of magical and technical content, from staples such as ore doubling and item transport to alchemy and magical ray guns.
- added quest line for new mod - Embers.
- fixed crazy spawners in nether
- disabled some buggy pets
- force enabled 'Improved sleeping in Quark'. This feature allows you to skip night while only half of the people on the server are sleeping.
- changed Invisiblity Removes Armour=false
- enabled heart gaining with Spice of Life. (Unique food eating)
- adjusted hearts heal amount of healing items in Rough tweaks
- tweaked living enchantments a bit
- ate a delicious cookie with peanuts and sunflower seeds
- tweaked Loot Chance in Heroic Armory as it's planned now as mostly cosmetic items available in shop.
- raised playerDamageScaling in EBWizardry a bit. Waiting for the new update.
- tweaked Scaling Health values a bit and disabled Per Second difficulty multipliyer.
- Added: 
  - Corail Tombstone
  - Embers Rekindled
  - FTB Guides 2
  - FTB Money
  - FTB Quests
  - Pam's HarvestCraft
  - Stackie
- Updated 15 files;


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