+ carefully crafted mod-pack that gathers the neatest vanilla plus mods, overhauling all aspects of the game.

+ automate everything with an enormous selection of mechanical devices, and new redstone and minecart features.

+ seek the ultimate gear set and the other valuable items, face tough mobs and conquer scary dimensions.

+ make the best builds using a ton of new blocks, furniture, vertical slabs, textures and helpful building tools.

+ explore the land full of structures, creatures, biomes and caves, discover unique loot and new mechanics.



+ 100 selectively picked and well configured vanilla plus mods from the 1.16 mods list, quality over quantity.

+ custom textures, recipes, mob spawning, GUI and data-packs to improve visuals and add custom content.

+ Join the REFORM SMP server (found by default in the servers list, if it isn't there, join the discord to get the IP).

+ balance, relevance and performance are always taken into consideration, technical support available (here).

+ more than 4GB allocated RAM recommended, Optifine U G7 is compatible but disable Sodium Reforged.





>> check the images here!

>> check the mod list here!