RedTechs is a lightweight modpack based mainly on the Mekanism series and the Minecolonnies mod.


If you want to build a factory, this is the modpack for you!
Want to build a city, this is the modpack for you !
Want to do both ! This is the modpack you need !



* Craft your MekaSuit



* Reach the Antimatter Age

* Build your HIGH TECH (un)SAFE factory








If you're interested in hosting a server for RedTechs - Lite, click the image below!

Bisect Hosting 

BisectHosting is the official sponsor of RedTechs-Lite!  With their automated modpack install, setting up and updating a RedTechs-Lite server is done with a few mouse clicks.  Use the code Redstylt to receive 25% off your first month as a new client for any of their gaming servers.  I recommend getting a plan with at LEAST 4GB of RAM for my modpack.