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Rebirth of the Night (RotN)


v3.1.1 has been released!

(Please check that all your resource packs are enabled)

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Make sure you are connected to the internet on first launch.

Various mods are automatically fetched and installed via ModDirector and need an internet connection to do so.

This includes OptiFine - do not add it yourself!


The "Official RotN Tweaks" resource pack is required and enabled by default.

For some users, it does not enable itself. Check to make sure it's enabled in the Resource Pack options.


Pre-generating the world may cause worldgen issues with specific structures.

Villages and strongholds, specifically. If you choose to pregen for a Multiplayer server, please test/check these before going live.


RotN requires 4-8 GB of RAM.

Do not allocate more than 8GB of RAM or you may experience performance issues.



Fear the dark. Defy the odds. Embrace the night. In an ever-changing world, bravery is vital... and arrogance is lethal.


Inspired by Terraria, 7 Days to Die, and more, Rebirth of the Night is a Minecraft 1.12.2 modpack with its own progression system, lore, mechanics, and art. It's built with the idea of remembering the central themes of what made Minecraft enjoyable and expanding them in every way, increasing the overall risk and reward as you progress.


“Rebirth of the Night”: Do you remember what playing Minecraft for the first time felt like? The caves were unnerving, the monsters were dangerous, and the nights were unpredictable and unforgiving... Most of all, everything was unknown, and discovering something new felt exciting. There was so much to learn and experience: you never knew what was around that bend in a cave, what was on the other side of that portal, or what would await you down the hall of a stronghold. This modpack aims to bring danger, mystery, and excitement back to exploring and thriving in the world.


What Rebirth of the Night is: The design philosophy of our modpack is to create an experience where adventure, conquest, progression, and survival are all intertwined. This pack is built upon the goal of keeping Minecraft close to the original concept of survival, while also completely re-imagining the game. A recurring theme in this pack is that your actions have consequences: you are playing in a living, breathing world that will react to your actions. Mobs will mine and build to get to you, combat is expanded upon, danger and dread are amplified, seasons change, the early game will make you scavenge for survival,and every world-changing event you cause has repercussions... Your skills in all aspects of gameplay will be tested, but in a way that supports many different play styles.


How we are different from other packs: Rebirth of the Night completely overhauls Minecraft and many mods both popular and obscure through the use of mods such as CraftTweaker and its add-ons, Set Bonus, Gamestages, InControl, Requious Frakto, Biome Tweaker, and many more. This pack is harder than vanilla, but in a way that scales with your progression rather than making things tedious and discouraging from the moment you start a new world. This means that all aspects of gameplay have increased difficulty, including crafting, mining, exploring, farming, and of course, survival. All of the mods we use interact with one another in a way that is unique to this pack and our internal lore as well as unified vision helps creating a belieavble world.





Text Installation Guide:



Video Installation Guide:


Guides and Tips:




Survival & Combat:

- Much more in-depth early-mid game, custom edited for RotN. (Better With Mods, Pyrotech)

- Mobs will now invade your base and have vastly improved AI! (Epic Siege ModZombie AwarenessSpecial AIRough Mobs Revamped)

- Warhammers, battleaxes, maces, spears, and more! (Spartan Weaponry, Spartan Compatibility)

- A combat overhaul with many set bonuses, proper duel wielding, Terraria-like class paths, and much more. Every single piece of craftable armor has a practical use and has one or more set bonus paths associated with it, as well as many weapons. There's something for everyone here! (Various, including Set Bonuses)

Lunar events (including blood moons!) and invasions, provided by our custom-built mods! Zombie hordes! Illagers! And more! Balanced and scales with you. Just a way to keep you on your toes and keep the game interesting! (Nyx, Onslaught)

Sleeping and hunger rework! Sleeping is enabled, but it comes at a price! Skipping a night drastically reduces your hunger, and if your hunger is too low, you'll die in your sleep! Make sure you're in a well-lit and safe area too, or else mobs will attack you while you're asleep! Also, there are many times in the game in which you can not sleep, such as during bloodmoons, invasions and thunderstorms! (Let Me Sleep, Hunger Overhaul) (don't worry we significantly tweaked Hunger Overhaul so hunger is not tedious)

- In-depth scaling difficulty! Using Game Stages, we have custom-made an entire difficulty progression system. Similar to Terraria, making a big advancement will enable spawning of more difficult mobs in the world. This occurs many times throughout the conquest playthrough. Players who don't partake in conquest will not notice difficulty increase over time. One example is that killing the Ender Dragon significantly increases difficulty by spawning much harder mobs in the Overworld and other dimensions. It's essentially Terraria's hard mode, but custom made for this pack.

Caves & Underground:

- Biome-specific caves and fancy new caves with underground seas and great lava pools (Cave Generator, Quark)

- New stone types (Underground Biomes)

- Several useful new ores (Simple Ores, Ore Stone Variants)

- More difficult mobs the lower and further you go (Various)

- Chest and crate loot that contain rare accessories, beware of Mimics though... (Various)

World & Exploration:

- Entirely overhauled world gen! The world is not crowded with structures like most other exploration modpacks, but the variety of structures you will find are in the hundreds! You will always find something new each play-through. (Various)

Dynamically changing seasons that affect crops, animals and weather! Make sure you stockpile food before the winter! (Serene Seasons)

- Exploration-based progression! The further you travel, the better loot you will find!

- Accessories with magic abilities and modifiers! (Bountiful Baubles)


- The Nether, entirely reworked from the ground up and includes a new boss! It sticks with Mojang's original intent of it being a barren wasteland and extremely dangerous. No outrageous biomes, massive clutter, or useless ores. All Nether ores have a valid purpose, and all Nether mobs are unique and balanced. Every single piece of the Nether was looked at and examined in extreme detail. (BetterNether, NetherEx, and more)

- The Beneath, enter it by mining below y=0. A truly immense underground dimension. It has unique ores, structures, and creatures! Beware of the darkness, though... (The Beneath)

- The End, with many new ender-like mobs, biomes, ore, structures, and more, The End will surely give you an experience like no other, all while sticking to the feeling of the emptiness and void. (End: Reborn, Stygian End)

- The Aether, a beautiful realm of sky islands filled with mythical creatures, truly unique ores, and three new dungeons for you to conquer. (Aether Legacy)

- The Twilight Forest (use a Ghast Queen Tear to open the portal), changed to be an end-game dimension, the Twilight Forest is filled with danger and mystery at every turn, as well as loads of epic dungeons and late game loot. Beware that this is the home of the dragons, which are the most powerful foe in this modpack. (The Twilight Forest)

Custom Soundtrack:

- Over 200 hand-picked tracks from many talented artists.

- Similar to Terraria and other games, music changes depending on what you are doing. For example, the boss you are fighting, the dimension you are, the biome, the time of day, the structure, the weather, and more!

- It's super immersive!



Read this if you want to use shaders:

Many shaders will not work. These have been proven to work:

- Tea Shaders (highly recommended)

- Sildur's Enhanced Default

- Builder's Quality of Life Shaders

When you enable shaders, do so in the main menu. The game will freeze for awhile. If it's still frozen after 5 minutes, reload the game. The shader should be applied after you have reloaded.

Upcoming Major Updates:

   2.77: The Rebirth of the Night Update (RELEASED)

   3.0: The Bane of Humanity Update (RELEASED, MOSTLY)

   3.2: Combar and Remastery


More info on our Trello

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Discord comments:


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More in our Discord in the channel #rotn-memes.  


Community Created Content & Fan Art:

Credit: LancerDust [YouTube] [DeviantArt]



Pack Development

CalaMariGold for her incredible work as visionary and leader of the RotN team for many years. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. 

FluxUnderscore (FluxUnderscore#1312 on Discord) for his great work as a former developer of the pack.
Moondiver for her great work as a former developer of the pack.
Spencer92 for the big task of adding modded compatibility with stones and ores for FutureMC crafting stations.
Eksekk for continuously providing fixes and quality controls for different scripts and config files.
+ all current developers and assistant developers


SquidKing (SquidKing#4893 on Discord) for his amazing work on the textures for Hedge spider, Naga, Hydra, Trollager, Frozen Trollager, Golden armor, Beneath Portal blocks, Heart shard ore block, Gem ores and Essence Blocks.
jack-hk for their "lit" Fire creeper, skeleton, and zombie textures.
Niner for their amazing work on the textures for Long Fall Boots, Season Clock, Spectral Bolt, Aether armors, some paintings, and Aether passive mobs.
Shiva for their huge range of diverse NPC skins!
The GolemCrafter for various mob textures.
Delly for their amazing textures for amethyst tools, Sange, endstone, all meteor gear, Talisman of Evasion, Belt of Strength, and the base textures for gem armor icons.
Lurky (lurky#5737 on Discord) for his amazing work on peridot (old textures), ruby, sapphire, endorium, viridium, mythril, tin, brass, silver, bronze, and a few other ingots and blocks
Trail Mix for the Caustic Wound icon.
Aspirin60 for the Pale Lurker texture, ZombieRat and Bret06 for some mob and Pigman skins, Luter66 for the Ravener skin, Dryym for Blaze inspiration.
+ all current Texture artists
SoulRacer65 (SoulRacer65#3745 on Discord) for his wonderful retextures for Spartan weaponry and the Harvester Scythe.
Carro3DSculpts for the Ender Dragon Reforged texture pack and its excellent ender dragon remodel

Code and Scripts
Teksturepako for base texture and script for clay deposits.


Vindsvept, Adrian Von Ziegler, Mufaya, DuNock, COAG music, Pixelsphere, The Cynic Project, Juhani Junkala, RandomMind, haeldb, Michael Klier, Sam Haynes, Midnight Society Paradox, myuu, kole audio solutions, Sidereal Sacraments, Zach Heyde, Kevin MacLeod, DavidFeliyan
All music in this pack is royalty-free.


Melanie - distribution and logistics
Senator - for presiding over Quebec



We, the RotN Development Team, give full permission for anyone to release a modified/spin-off version of this pack on CurseForge only. The modified version must state that it is a modified version of Rebirth of the Night and must link back to the main CurseForge page for Rebirth of the Night in a clear and concise way.

You may modify the pack for your own personal use, but support will not be given for modified versions of the pack. This includes adding and removing mods.

You may not charge people to get access to any modified versions that are made. Donation services (Patreon, Kofi, etc) is acceptable, so long as donations are used only as tips.

You may not charge people for individual assets of this pack and/or claim them as your own.

You may not redistribute non-modified versions of pack anywhere. Modified versions can only be released on CurseForge.

You may not use assets from this pack and claim them as your own (this includes scripts, textures, etc). You may use scripts from this pack as an education tool to learn Zenscript, CraftTweaker, etc, but do not copy entire scripts, config files, etc.

You may not remove or edit the Akliz button on the main menu for any reason.

You may not partner with any server hosting company for any modified versions. Suggesting people to use Akliz via our referral link is recommended but not required.

All modified/spin-off versions of this pack must abide by the same license that was just stated. Please change your license on your pack's CurseForge page to "Custom License" and copy and paste this license.

Please contact the Rebirth of the Night team if you have any questions or concerns.