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Raxpack 2

Raxpack 2 is my second mod pack designed to showcase both the possible complexity and beauty of a modded Minecraft experience.

Explore a gorgeous Alternate Terrain Generation world brought to life with the seasons of Tough As Nails and the richness of detail brought to you by Better Foliage and Recurrent Complex. Find rewards within the ruins of Astral Sorcery, Embers and Roots 2.

Create beautiful bases both strange and wondrous with mods like Chisel, Earthworks, Quark, Chisels and bits and many more.

Find joy in complexity with Better With Mods, Embers and Techreborn and others.

And survive the hardships with mods like Tough as Nails, Spice of Life and Pams Harvestcraft

Raxpack 2 aims to show case some lesser known mods. While it does feature a few of the most popular like Quark and Pams. They are here to assist in boosting your appreciation of lesser known mods like Embers, Astral Sorcery, Alternate Terrain Generation and many many more.

And all tied off with a bow of loving polish with attention to configs and CraftTweaker scripts.

I hope you all enjoy Raxpack 2 as much as I enjoyed creating it for you all.

With love


To my Alpha testers.

Thank you so much for everything you have done I could not have achieved this without you.
And a special shout out to the main Alpha crew, GridMonkey, Mr_Ninja93, and Tech_Fusion without your dedication to the pack during a tough time for me you have insured its creation above all. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

To my Beta testers and the entire RoraxPlays Discord Channel.

It has been an absolute pleasure to craft this experience for you and While I hope that you all march off to 1.12, that you will still enjoy this labor of love.
You have all been the fuel that keeps me running and for that I am forever grateful.