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This is for Minecraft Version 1.19.2 


This mod contains PMMO which allows for players to level up skills. Before you start, generate a World and edit the Server Config for PMMO to your liking. The Default is unforgiving. 



The Ravenborn Modpack has been designed with Cooperative Play in mind. Improved AI responsiveness and enhanced capabilities pose a realistic survival experience. The World is alive, intelligent, and mutable; Scaling Monster health and damage coinciding with time and player advancement. 


[AI Improvements - AI Server Improvements and CPU Tweaks]

[Apotheosis - AI Spawning and Randomized Bosses]

[Brutal Bosses - New Bosses with unique abilities and loot]

[Harder Spawners - Spawn Blocks are harder to disable]

[Nightmare Epic Siege - Intelligent and strategic AI with Siege mechanics]

[Progressive Bosses - Scaling Vanilla Bosses]

[Savage & Ravage - Illager Raid Parties & Mechanics]

[Scaling Health - Health scales over time]

[Whisperwoods - Terrifying magic beasts in the night]

[Zombie Awareness - Enemies can hear, smell, and track the player]


For those that manage to survive their first night, an inventive armory of tools and weaponry are at their disposal to aid in the fight against Evil. With mods such as Create, Ars Nouveau, Botania, and more; develop your stronghold, outfit yourself, and purge the land of its darkness. 


[Alchemistry - Break down items and form new chemicals]

[Ars Nouveau - Wield powerful spells and resourceful magical tools]

[Botania - Harness powerful magic of nature and its surroundings]

[Corail Tombstone - Summon familiars, undead, and become a necromancer]

[Create - Steampunk technology with powerful automation capabilities]

[Cyclic - Technological advancements with new tools and blocks]

[Elemental Craft - Use the Elements to conjure powerful spells and gear]

[Hexerei - Become a witch of the woods]

[Occultism - Summon powerful beasts and magics to do your bidding]

[Vampirism - Become one with the dark and shun the light]

[Werewolves - Become a beast of the Full Moon and Hunt in the night]


Many other mods complement those listed above giving the players a wide array of resources to choose from. This pack was originally built off of ATM8 with more of a focus on RPG Mechanics and Exploration. Original Automation methods have been removed such as Mystical Agriculture and Productive Bees, paving way for more creative modes of industry. Players will also have skills to level, professions to choose from, and brand new abilities to wield, allowing for unique progression through the numerous stages that Modded Minecraft has to offer. 


This pack contains over 300 Mods, a full list can be viewed through the Launcher.