Railroading Dream

642 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 25, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2
Railroading Dream is a Modpack that I created in the goal to have fun with the possibilities that Minecraft has to offer. It combines trains with numerous other tech, magic and exploration mods.
It is also meant to keep a grindy and semi-realistic beginning even with EMC and OreExcavation. You won’t be able to punch trees and you'll need to manage your temperature.
It still has a focus on the easyness and the possibility of creating truly unique and overpowered items and tools with mods such as Avaritia and Tinker’s Construct.
It offers a variety of storage mods including Applied Energistics 2.
In addition, it aims to bring together very different mods through quests and altered crafting recipes.
As two last words of advice: Have fun!


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