Quality Of Life (QOL)

26,213 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.2

Fabric Of Life but for FORGE!!!
Requires Overwolf's CurseForge Desktop App To Play:  https://curseforge.overwolf.com/
Click here for Fabric Of Life (Fabric Version of QOL)

Quality Of Life (QOL) is a cutting edge Modpack for Minecraft that contains a wide range of mods and resource packs to help improve the overall playability of Minecraft without taking away from the vanilla experience. This modpack contains assets that will improve the Sounds, Visuals, HUDs, Menus, Textures, Models, Effects, Mechanics, Gameplay tweaks and more. This modpack should be compatible with almost any vanilla Minecraft server of the same / similar version.

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Latest Version Modlist:

Hwyla (by TehNut)

Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded (by Kreezxil)

Tool Stats (by DarkhaxDev)

Better minecart rotation (Forge) (by KosmX)

WorldEdit (by sk89q)

Collective (by Serilum)

Resource Pack Organizer (by chylex)

When Was That Again (by HorribleNerd)

World Handler - Command GUI (by Exopandora)

RPG-Hud [Forge] (by KurodaAkira)

CustomSkinLoader (by xfl03)

Cycle Paintings (by Serilum)

FancyMenu (by Keksuccino)

Scalable Cat's Force (by Kotori316)

ToroHealth Damage Indicators (by ToroCraft)

Ding (by ohaiiChun)

OptiForge (by ZekerZhayard)

Placebo (by Shadows_of_Fire)

The One Probe (by McJty)

MineMenu (by Girafi)

Reload Audio Driver (RAD) [Forge] (by CJMinecraft01)

Death Counter (by ohaiiChun)

MixinBootstrap (by LX_Gaming)

Custom Crosshair Mod (by Sparkless101)

Trample Stopper (by UnRealDinnerbone)

Double Doors (by Serilum)

Better Sprinting (by chylex)

Bookshelf (by DarkhaxDev)

CraftPresence (by CDAGaming_)

KleeSlabs (by BlayTheNinth)

Better Than Mending (by legobmw99)

Ping (by Girafi)

Better Ping Display (by Quintinity)

TellMe (by masady)

Client Tweaks (by BlayTheNinth)

Inventory Spam (by gigaherz)

Light Overlay (Rift/Forge/Fabric) (by shedaniel)

Sound Device Options (by ichttt)

Sneak Through Berries (Forge & Fabric) (by Trikzon)

Cherished Worlds (Forge) (by TheIllusiveC4)

Borderless Window (by nekeras)

Armor Toughness Bar (by tfarecnim)

Motschen's Better Grass (by Motschen)

OfflineSkins (by LainMI)

ConnectedTexturesMod (by tterrag1098)

CraftTweaker (by Jaredlll08)

Crafting Tweaks (by BlayTheNinth)

Snow Under Trees (by bl4ckscor3)

Lan Server Properties (by rikka0w0)

Classic 3D (16x) (by RyanGar46)

Durability Notifier (by Mrbysco)

RandomConfigs (by TheRandomLabs)

Infinite Trading (by Serilum)

StepUp (by NotTooManyItems)

Durability101 (by ShayBox)

Reap Mod (by henkelmax)

Xaero's World Map (by xaero96)

Round Trees (by Motschen)

Crash Utilities (by Darkere)

Controlling (by Jaredlll08)

Unity: Dark Edition (by theCyanideX)

Forgiving Void (by BlayTheNinth)

Better Title Screen (by Girafi)

Falling Tree (by RakSrinaNa)

Controllable (by MrCrayfish)

Shoulder Surfing Reloaded (by _ForgeUser21552638)

Ma Essentials (by Maciej916)

Kotlin for Forge (by thedarkcolour)

Giselbaer's Durability Viewer (by thorgeig)

FastWorkbench (by Shadows_of_Fire)

AppleSkin (by squeek502)

Village Spawn Point (by Serilum)

Fast Leaf Decay (by olafskiii)

Double Slabs (by CJMinecraft01)

Just Enough Items (JEI) (by mezz)

Cloth Config API (Forge) (by shedaniel)

AutoFish for Forge (by northwestwindnff)

ReAuth (by TechnicianLP)

RandomPatches (by TheRandomLabs)

FastFurnace (by Shadows_of_Fire)

Guidebook (by gigaherz)

Ambient Environment (by Jaredlll08)

Steelseries Gamesense (by JayJay1989BE)

Inventory Profiles (by jsnimda)

GoProne (by Alpvax)

GamemodeOverhaul (by marcus_8448)

Modern UI (by BloCamLimb)

GameMenuModOption (by morimori0317)

Server Tab Info (by black_dog20)

Cake Chomps (Forge) (by TheIllusiveC4)

Toast Control (by Shadows_of_Fire)

World Pre Generator (by GeheimagentNr1)

Mouse Tweaks (by YaLTeR)

ItemZoom (by mezz)

Clumps (by Jaredlll08)

Xaero's Minimap (by xaero96)

It's the little things (by Zlepper)

NetherPortalFix (by BlayTheNinth)

Motschen's Better Leaves (by Motschen)

JEITweaker (by Jaredlll08)

Minesave (by tombenpotter)



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