Pure Insanity

2,651 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 21, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

The original FTB map (now known as FTB retro) re-imagined in minecraft 1.10!


The original pyramid map was one of the first minecraft maps i ever played, and as a result, the map that the pack was based around means a lot to me. People seem to have tried to replicate the pack just as it was in similar ways, but every version has the same underlying problem, that it's simply too similar to the original.


Some would say that keeping the pack like the original is a good thing, but minecraft has advanced as a game a lot since the early days of 1.2.5, and we have access to a large amount of tools now, that we don't seem to use.


For example, the pyramid island in the Insanity map is now impossible to build to, and uses command blocks in order to teleport there, and there is now absolutely no way of cheating, by digging past walls and grabbing rewards you haven't earned yet. This is how my pack has advanced from the original, and it makes for a much more enjoyable experience, without the temptation of cheating, and with the realism of professionalism, using game mechanics which fit the situation perfectly.


However, like i said, the modpack is supposed to be all about the pyramid, so in that way, and that way alone, i'm attempting to keep the pack as close to it's roots as possible. The player will still have to unlock sections of the pyramid in order to advance, and rooms and corridors will open up, revealing new items based on how the player progresses.


The map is technically now playable, however the quest book system is not yet finished. Feel free to download the newly released Beta versions of the pack to test out the finished map! (some features definitely don't work yet, but again, this whole thing is still a work in progress) Enjoy!


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