is a lightweight modpack, based on being Minecraft first, modded second. It also makes extensive use of Better With Mods, a partial recreation of Better Than Wolves, to change recipes and provide a progression and more content for players to build around.


Aside from Better With Mods, which serves as a fundamental progression tech tree for the other mods, the mods included in this pack serve to enhance the creative experience that Minecraft itself is known for, and pushes people to play. The main stars of the show are mods like Quark, Chisels and Bits, and Charset. More content doesn't equal a better experience, and this pack tries to push players to play more Minecraft, rather than a game built of 100 separate modules, on top of Minecraft.


A fair few recipes, vanilla or modded, are changed to better fit the progression in the pack. Some other difficulty enhancers are included, such as Hunger in Peace, Hardcore Darkness, Bloodmoon (configured to be rarer because it's way too common by default).


You can find a guide for the pack that explains the progression and changes over at proton.vazkii.us