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Project - Medieval Times is an exciting Minecraft modpack that immerses players in a rich, immersive medieval world filled with adventure, combat, and role-playing elements. This modpack is designed to provide players with an authentic medieval experience, complete with  Epic Fight Mod, and Project MMO.


With Epic Fight Mod, players can expect adrenaline-fueled battles with new and improved combat mechanics, making each fight a thrilling experience. Players can wield a variety of medieval weapons such as swords, maces, and bows to defeat their enemies.


The Project MMO feature adds a variety of skills and attributes to enhance your RPG experience. Remember how bad wooden tools are treated well, you will need them now.



In addition to the standard Minecraft biomes, the  modpack includes new environments such as villages, castles, and forts, where you can find new resources and engage in epic battles. 


Alright...enough with the fancy stuff ,here are stuff you need to know :

1.Project MMO adds a little difficulty to your game. You simply are a little idiot and you can't use most of the stuff. No worries you will learn how to use them across your journey.

2.The End has been revamped ,and you need twelve different ender-eyes to activate the portal.

3.You will spawn in a village so things will be easier .

4.I highly encourage you to explore since there are dozens of new dungeons and even the vannila ones are overhauled .

5. Avoid night early game(trust me).

6.Use the new third person mode by pressing f5 4 times when using epic fight combat(it will make combat a lot easier).

7. Please use shields early game.

8.If a creature looks like it wants to rip you apart there are 99.99% chances it will.


10. Enjoy your journey,don't rage quit it's just a minecraft modpack


If you don't know what to do here is a list :

    - survive an enconter with dragons

    - kill a dragon

    -visit the new dimensions

    -build a house

     -discover as many new structures as posible