PokeSink 2

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Welcome to PokeSink, the largest kitchen sink pack for a Pixelmon modpack. This modpack is a modified version of PokeHaan with an extra 80 mods, totaling the mod count at 182. You will come across mods such as ProjectE, Tinkers Construct, Mechanism, Immersive Engineering, Lycanites Mobs, Mowzies Mobs, Mo'Creatures, Electrobobs Wizardy, Astral Sorcery, Mystical Agriculture and addons, Dynamic Trees, Twilight Forest, GalacticCraft (with Extra Planets, More Planets, Planet Progression, Space Ambience), and of course Pixelmon, PokeHaan, and pixelmon addons.




> Build, Automate, Fight, Catch, Fish, Mine, Do it all.

>This is not Easy, You will die. Get Ready

> With Extended Crafting, There will be some grinding involved

> Cylic, Extra Ultities, Pickle Tweaks, and Actually Additions bring in the fun

> The further you venture, the higher level pokemon you will discover

> Stop at Pokemon Stops, heal up, and then go to a Dynamax Hole to fight a Dynamax pokemon

> Explore beautiful biomes thanks to Biomes O' Plenty

> Venture into new dimensions like The Twilight Forest

> Automate Everything!



 Tool Belt (by gigaherz)



The pack is using;

"Pixelmon Reforged"  https://reforged.gg/

"PokeHaan Craft" by Kehaan

"GalacticCraft" by micdoodle8 - Use their wiki to learn how to utilize the mod https://wiki.micdoodle8.com/wiki/Galacticraft)
Pack Art made by: https://twitter.com/hub3rt



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