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Packhouse Gaming presents...


Dive into a captivating world where the boundaries of creativity, magic, and adventure are endless! Expanding Colonies a carefully curated modpack that offers a unique blend of strategy, engineering, exploration, and RPG elements. Perfect for players who love building vast colonies, exploring magical realms, and conquering treacherous dungeons.


Key Features:

  • Minecolonies: Construct and manage thriving colonies. Assign roles to your NPCs, gather resources, and expand your settlements into bustling towns.
  • Create: Harness the power of engineering and automation. Use gears, belts, and pulleys to design complex machinery and intricate contraptions that make your colony more efficient.
  • Dungeons Arise: Embark on epic adventures through procedurally generated dungeons. Face formidable foes, uncover hidden treasures, and explore stunning landscapes.
  • Yung's Mods: Discover a reimagined Minecraft world with enhanced structures and underground biomes. Yung's mods bring new life to exploration with beautifully designed ruins, temples, and cave systems.
  • Let's Do: Dive into a rich RPG experience with quests, magical spells, and mythical creatures. Gain experience, level up, and unlock powerful abilities to aid you in your adventures.
  • Magic: Multiple magic mods band together to allow you to become the ultimate wizard. Are you up to the challenge?
  • Quests: We will provide custom quests and our own progression logic, which will be finetuned by our amazing team.


Adventure Awaits:

With Expanding Colonies, the world is your oyster. Build your dream colony, automate your production, explore endless dungeons, and immerse yourself in a fantastical RPG experience. Whether you’re a master builder, a daring adventurer, or a magical practitioner, this modpack offers something for everyone. Prepare to embark on a journey where your imagination is the only limit!


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