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  Mod pack primarily oriented on dynamic difficulty - hardcore gaming using new mechanincs with as many mods as possible to enchance EVERY possible ability of game. Contains magic and technology mods, new terrain generation, custom optimised configs for better game experience, optimized settings for low-end to high-end computers, etc.

  You start with the basic flint instruments - and progress through time and miles of new generated terrain that blows your mind. Explore many new dungeons, challenge new bosses, investigate new methods of crafting, breeding, combat, fly, tame, cast and spell, and dont forget to start your personal Colony, of course :) Challenge your friends or play alone - this pack will give impressions for a large number of gaming days, weeks, years? And don't be worry for your pc specs - we will make sure that the build can run even on your potato.

  Explore beautiful worlds, build amazing machines, extend your view of the game - even online! We're waiting for you!

  Why its better than ATM 7 or ATM 8? We strongly keep only main gamechanging mods without unneeded small mods like "add one new texturepack-like copper golem" or "let's craft things on stick", or "let our leaves decay little faster" - no. Only most interesting mods we've found for you, combining in amazing game experience!

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Difficulty: High
Minimal RAM: 4Gb
Recommended RAM: 6Gb
Mods Count: 310
Shaders: Yes
Configs: Recommended included
Server: Available!