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Oneria One Block - OneBlock Survival Sky Block / SkyBlock Experience



Welcome to "Oneria OneBlock", an imaginative take on the much-loved OneBlock game mode of Minecraft. With this modpack, every single block is a step into a new adventure, unraveling a world built from the core of creativity and endless possibilities.


Don't forget to set the map type to "the garden of glass" to benefit from the oneblock map.



Oneria One Block revolutionizes your One Block experience, introducing a wealth of modded content into the simplicity of a single block. Perfect for solo players seeking a more diverse, intriguing challenge, or groups of friends wanting to unlock the mysteries contained within a solitary modded block.


Oneria is a modded One Block modpack with 12 different phases


✔️ Flatland. Dirt, grass, leaves, . . .

✔️ Farmland. Different blocks from farmer's delight, wheat block, pumpkin, melon, . . .

✔️ Undergound. Ores that you can find in the overworld, hostile mobs from the overworld, . . .

✔️ Overworld. A mix of previous phases + more from the overworld.

✔️ Astral. A phase based on Astral sorcery.

✔️ Magicka. A phase based on Ars nouveau.

✔️ MagicBundle. A mix of Astral and Magicka phases.

✔️ Abyss. Different blocks from ocean. Prismarine, Elder prismarine (from Quark), . . .

✔️ Bumblezone. Different blocks from the bumblezone dimension.

✔️ Nether. Ores and mobs that you can find in the nether dimension.

✔️ End. Ores and mobs that you can find in the end dimension.

✔️ Final phase. A mix of all phases !


Oneria One Block is crafted for explorers like you, who crave for a more intricate yet minimalist challenge. Your feedback is invaluable, shaping the future developments of this modpack.


Immerse yourself in the Oneria One Block experience today, where your insights and suggestions mold the evolution of this unique modpack. We warmly welcome your suggestions, comments, and private messages - let's create an immersive One Block experience together!


Dive into Oneria One Block today – and reveal the limitless potential within a single modded block!




With Oneria One Block, it's more than just a game; it's about discovering a universe of possibilities within a modded single block!


Enjoy! ;)