One Life - Popular SMP

29,694 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 26, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2


One Life - Popular SMP | Outdated (Please use Technic!)

This modpack is a work-in-progress; we will update the pack when Season 4 officially broadcasts on YouTube.


What is "One Life"?

"One Life" is a SMP modpack played by popular Minecraft content creators, such as; JackSucksAtMC, Laurenzside, Seapeekay and more. This modpack is private- as well as the server that these content creators play on. But I have re-created (with a lot of help and support from the community!) One Life with the exact same mods- providing the exact experience that the people you watch had.


What to expect from this pack

If you're looking for an awesome experience- powered by a positive and supportive community run by people who know what they're doing and are very knowledgable. This is the place for you. We work very hard as a team to provide the best content possible! Interested? Check out our site.


Follow the development of One Life, or just come along for a chat!

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A notice regarding CurseForge x Technic Launcher:

CurseForge uses different policies compared to Technic Launcher.

Optifine has been removed from the curseforge version due to there not actually being Optifine on the CurseForge platform, this means if you want to install Optifine, you will need to yourself!


This version (v1.6) does not come with the Public Server to play on, nor will it ever be updated again. I suggest you use Technic instead of CurseForge but that is entirely up to you.


Below are content-creator related videos.

How to install "One Life" - Popular SMP on Twitch

Video by: CraftStones


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