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Uploaded Feb 12, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Made the Gallium drop rate from Sphalerite 100%! Will probably add in Zinc deposits to the overworld so its not a Nether only material at some point. For now, if you hate mining in the Nether, Sphalerite is a good coin sink.


Made the Lava Factory recipe available for those who chose to use Lava Boilers instead of dirty coal.


Gregged AA's Auto-Breaker, Auto-Placer, Fluid-Placer and Fluid-Collector (the last of which is needed with the Lava Factory).


Fixed Aluminium being smeltable in a Furnace... again. Thanks Nuclearcraft.


Quartz Glass is from an Alloy Smelter now.


Black Quartz Dust is from an MV Electrolyzer, and the Crystal from LV Autoclave.


Generic quest fixes.

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