Oceanic Final Stand

238 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 20, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Dev Notes: Thanks so much guys for making this happen. My first mod pack I created hitting 200+ Downloads. It really means a lot.


Update: Also Bad news with the lack of people on playing Oceanic Final Stand Server I probably replacing it. With new modpack.


 Discord Invite https://t.co/WY3Rsc3Ok6?amp=1

 Discord Url https://discord.gg/adTFSXE5eZ


 Military Version has been Moved to its own pack (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/oceanic-military-stand)


My first ever mod pack call Oceanic Final Stand. The original idea was supposed to be stood on the island with limited resources. The only source of resources in the ocean. Full of creatures and exploration to colonize the ocean floor. However, due to mods, I was using it to become a pain. So choices either have less life in the ocean or huge islands that people would stay on. Rather than the main idea of the pack. 


So I decided on the choice to make people go to the ocean. On the surface, many creatures, threats, weather troubles, hidden creatures are around. Mobs are also smarter having them chase after you by building, tunneling, and even destroying. To get you. If you go underground? Good luck there mythical creatures that appear, along with torches that give pollution off, go out in rain, and in general. If you don't lite it a creature in darkness will get you.


To balance these things I added. Colonies of people, technology, many weaponry, silent gears, tinkers construct, force field, jei, journey map, gravestone, and project e. I'm open to feedback and added mod or removal of mods. Lasy none of the config files were not touched. I don't know much but I will learn to. 




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