Nitro Sky

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Nitro Sky


After Nitro Tech, here is Nitro Sky !


Nitro Sky is a 1.16.5 hardcore skyblock modpack, focused on technology mods like Mekanism, Thermal, Silent Mehcanisms and more, but also with magic mods like Astral Sorcery and Botania and, finally,  adventure mods like The Twilight Forest, Ice&Fire...


Nitro Sky has 200 mods, so you need at least 6Gb of RAM.

For the computer with ony 6Gb of RAM, be sure to close other apps.


Why install Nitro Sky and not a other skyblock ?

Because this modpack have

a) +2100 quests

b) A lot of custom crafts, customs items and more

c) 22 Creative Recipes

d) One VERY BIG machine created with Masterfull Machinery and you have to see this one time in your life x)

So what do you wait ? Try this modpack (if you can, leave a comment it can be helpfull for find bugs or made the modpack better.)


 /!\ When you create a world, be sure to create it with Botania : Garden of Glass /!\


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