The objective of New Game is none other than to expand the possibilities of the games without actually breaking the "vanilla" gaming experience. To do this, all the built-in mods will follow the default Minecraft theme, and the changes will be perfectly compatible with the style of the game.

Too many mods? Download the little version!

Do you need a server to play with your friends?

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It is an ideal modpack for all those players who want to expand the number of biomes, structures, creatures, dimensions, or any other branch of Minecraft, but without any of the mods adding any content out of the "normal", something desired by many players

Actually, it is a very compensated modpack and loved by users, since it has mods of biomes, enemies, minerals, structures, food and a great variety of mods that will completely improve the player's experience in the game.

🎮 Enjoy a new game experience, improved and with a vanilla aesthetic, thanks to AmbientSounds, Ambient Environment, Sound Physics Remastered, Falling Leaves, Visual Workbench or Advancement Plaques mods, among others.

🏘️ Find and explore new structures, with the famous mods Additional Structures, Awesome Dungeon, YUNG's or Medieval Buildings, among many, many more that you will discover as you explore...

🏔️ Biomes are essential, and today was not going to be an exception, discover new vegetation with Biomes O' Plenty or Biome Makeover.

🥇 New Game improves a lot of aspects of the game, such as the challenges, with Better Advancements, the animations of the creatures, with Better Animations Collection or even your own AIs, with AI Improvements.

🐘 What would Minecraft be without Alex's mods? Discover a lot of new animals and conquer the new caves, with the classics, Alex's Mobs and Alex's Caves.

🪑 Everyone has a house, although not all of us decorate the same... maybe now, it will be easier and more bearable for you, use the decorative resources added by Supplementaries, Adorn, Handcrafted or the classic Macaw's mods.

💍 Raise a family, raise your children and teach them to fight against the enemies with the classic and revolutionized MCA Reborn.

🌊 Explore the oceans, catch new fish and get great treasures, you can't miss the resources added by Aquaculture 2 or Fish of Thieves.

🎒 Move around the world with much more freedom, make use of the new Sophisticated Backpacks and use the Waystones portals to reach your home faster...

🧟‍♂️ You will fight against new enemies, much more powerful, and others completely new, among many other mods, discover the new features of Progressive Bosses or the classic Mutant Monsters.

👬 Of course, it is an ideal modpack for multiplayer games, and optimizer mods and shaders have also been incorporated. Enjoy a much more exciting game with the Complementary Shaders.

‼️ And you have much, much more to discover, Farmer's Delight, Artifacts, dimensions, minerals, you still don't know anything about New Game, enjoy!

Minecraft keeps loading? You enter the world but your FPS is low?

Please make sure to increase the RAM in case you need it, most problems are due to this. If you use the curseforge app, it's as easy as clicking on profile options, uncheck the option to use default memory system and move the bar to the right (at least we recommend 6GB or 6144 MB).

If you see that it is still not enough, increase the RAM more!

Is there an error with your server?

Unfortunately, when setting up a server on your own, or hiring a hosting that I have not recommended, the modpack may not work.

This modpack work perfectly with Bisect Hosting, so I recommend 100% to hire such hosting. Also, you will get a 25% discount if you do it through this link and use the code "Lupin".

What files should I copy to the .minecraft folder?

I really recommend you to use the CurseForge app, it is much faster and you avoid errors. Also, if you prefer to do an installation on your own, it is absolutely essential to copy both the "mods" folder and the "config" folder.

Many users forget to copy the "config" folder, this is a really bad thing. The mods in the modpack have been modified, and if you do not copy this folder, you will not be able to enjoy the modifications we have made.