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Mundus MagicaeLatin for "A World of Magic", is a modpack I assembled to bring magic and adventure into the world of Minecraft. I assembled this pack for some buddies and I to play on a server, so as it stands the pack should be multiplayer compatible, and I will be careful to ensure it remains that way throughout the lifespan of the pack.


As stated before this modpack was made with an emphases on magic and adventure designed to be a true RPG. Discover what beasts lay in wait at the furthest reaches of the ocean, over the tallest misty mountains, and in the darkest depths of the earth. Go about your adventure with your sword at your side, or for those more intellectually gifted, conquer and harness the powers of the arcane. Once you have bested the overhauled Overworld, Nether, and End, venture to the Twilight Forest and defeat the bosses that await! Dark and gloomy not your cup of tea? Ascend to the Aether and journey the clouds! With many new horizons, and many new tools at your disposal, conquer this new world and bend it to your will.



-This modpack is being designed around its own performance on a server, so there may be some RPG mods not included others might like to see in their single player world. If you want to personally add mods for your own single player experience, go into the profile options and check the box that allows content management for your installed profile.

-There is a lot of content added with this pack, some rigs might have a hard time keeping up running on the default system memory settings. If you have memory to spare, you can try going in to the profile options and unchecking the 'Use System Memory Settings' button and manually setting your dedicated memory. (ex. 12000MB of 32000MB)

-Any and all mod recommendations/mod conflict reports are welcome! We will try to keep an eye out for and respond to any comments left on the modpack's page.