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 This is a modified version of the popular Modpack All of Fabric 3 - 1.16.5.


I've modified AOF3 to dive into the world of fabric mods for the first time with my friends. I've added a couple of additional mods. Some of them make the game a little harder (e.g. dehydration), others are just supposed to be fun (Identity and Pehkui). Still others provide a variety of decoration options (e.g. bits and chisels). A few additional technology and magic mods are also included.


This modpack used to be "AOF 3 - MSandro Edition" but in order to meet the license conditions of All of Fabric 3 as much as possible, I changed the name and the logo.


Here are some details:
> SlightGuiModifications (to remove the title-screen and the button design from All Of Fabric 3)
> CraftPresence (because we don't whant Discord interaction)
> JumpOverFences

> many mods (sorry I don't remember all of them, but a few are described above)

> the scripts and configs from All Of Fabric 3 are currently completely the same.
> new since v2.0: the quests


The original creators of All Of Fabric 3 are:

TeamAOF (Owner)
HeyAmAK9 (Lead Pack Developer) 
Monster__zero (Pack Developer)