Modern Skyblock 3: Departed

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Here's a list of things that are different between MSB3 and MSB2 (some were also in the final version of MSB2, but are listed for those players who stopped playing MSB2 before they were added)

- Mods
 -Replaced  Extended Crafting with Avaritia (removing the long processing that was required in end-game that in version 2.9 wasn't needed any more)

 -Added Botania: Garden of Glass (adding a 5th island into the mix)
 -Removed Refined Storage (as having 2 options in a progressive pack didn't work out too well. If you don't like channels, you may freely disable them in the config file)

 -Added GameStages and all its addons (that make the progression line possible)

 -Added BlockCraftery (for more decoration)

 -Added Random Tweaks

 -Added Simply Jetpacks 2 (for more flight options)

 -Added Baubley Heart Containers and Armor Plus (for having better defense against the bosses)

 -Added Aether Legacy (for exploration)

 -Added Alternating Flux and Immersive Cables (to make IE better)
 -Added Chickens, More Chickens and Roost for alternative ways of generating resources

 -Added PneumatiCraft (for many new useful gadgets)
 -Added FactoryTech (purely for the progression line)

 -Added Magical Psi (changing up Psi a bit)
 -Added Lootbags (making a few resources easier to obtain)
 -Added Boutanomy and YNot (just to add a few things to the mods that they are addons to)
 -Removed Packmode (as now the modes are chosen in the questbook, making it so you don't have to change a config after every update and allowing players on one server to play in different modes)

 -Added ProjectE (making making creative items easier)

 -Removed NotEnoughWands and Exchangers (other mods have similar tools)


 -There are now 1k+ quests

 -With the update to Better Questing 3, the questbook should function better
 -The questbook doesn't force you to follow the progression line of the other modes when in kitchensink mode

 -All quests have retrieval tasks


 -It's overall easier

 -You can now play in a default world (though I have no idea why you'd do that)

 -The progression line isn't based around recipe changes unlike it is in almost every other progressive pack

 -Geodes now generate for aesthetics and adding a bit of a story to the void

 -Switched back to Bedrock-based islands (this will become relevant in the future)
 -Max upgraded TE machines are now OP


 Lastly, I'd like to apologize to everyone who quit Modern Skyblock 2 because of its constant changes. I now understand that I should have at least not set everything to release and should have mentioned that the pack is not final. I hope that Modern Skyblock 3 can make up for that.