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This modpack has a few mods that add a lot of extra building blocks to fulfill all of you building needs.

It also has a mod called Jobs+. This mod adds 10 upgradable jobs with custom items per job. 

It adds custom world generation for you to explore, more types of stones, custom furniture, fences, lights, doors, bridges and more.

The jobs that are in this modpack are: Alchemist, Builder, Digger, Farmer, Fisherman, Enchanter, Hunter, Lumberjack, Miner and Smith.

The alchemist has more potions, the builder has backpacks, the digger has a better shovel called the excavator, the farmer has a really useful hoe, the fisherman has a fishing rod with extra abilities, the enchanter can store their EXP, the Hunter has better swords and bows, the lumberjack has an axe that can chop down a tree by mining one block, the miner has a really good pickaxe called a hammer that can mine 3x3 and the smith has really good armor.