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Prepare to witness gaming performance like never before with Mist, an optimization-focused modpack that will take your FPS to overkill levels. Experience a staggering up to 300% increase in FPS as you dive into the world of optimized gameplay and unleash the full potential of your Potato PC.



Key Features

Unprecedented Optimization

Mist is meticulously designed to push the boundaries of optimization, delivering unparalleled performance gains. Experience smoother gameplay, reduced lag, and insanely faster loading times that will revolutionize your game experience.


Unbelievable FPS Boosts

Get ready for an overkill of FPS gains. With advanced optimization mods and their infinite level of configuration, Mist lets you squeeze every drop of performance out of your system, providing an unparalleled boost to your FPS that goes beyond your expectations.


Extensive Customizability

Fine-tune every aspect of your graphics to achieve stunning visuals without compromising performance. Whether you prefer a realistic and immersive atmosphere or a vibrant and stylized aesthetic, Mist's extensive video settings customization allows you to create the perfect visual environment for your gameplay. Additionally, Mist supports all OptiFine shader packs with Iris, enabling you to enhance your Minecraft world with breathtaking lighting, dynamic shadows, and realistic water reflections. Immerse yourself in a visually captivating world and experience Minecraft like never before with Mist's advanced video settings and shader support.




• Does Mist work with Forge?
No, mist is currently exclusive to Fabric, but will release for Forge users soon.

• Does it change the game itself?
No! Mist doesn't modify the Vanilla experience and is only focused on performance optimization.

• Does Mist support Shaders?
Absolutely! With the Iris mod, Mist supports almost every shader pack made for OptiFine.

• What mods are Included?
Mist currently includes more than 20 optimization mods, and there's more to come in future versions. The list of included mods is on every filepage.

• Is Mist available on other platforms?
Mist is available on both CurseForge and Modrinth.