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Interested in trying out The Betweenlands mod? Tired of only finding it in the heaviest of modpacks? This is a small modpack I put together to experience The Betweenlands with some added-in quality of life mods. If you want to know the progression of it, check your achievements list. This is intended for single play but I intend on adding in a server option as well, otherwise you'll need to get the server files yourself from the usual Minecraft sources. This will default set you up in the overworld but you can configure it to start you in The Betweenlands if you desire. This has gone through some light testing on the Mischief of Mice YouTube/Twitch channels and a backlog of the playthrough can be found here on a playlist. If you find any pack issues, please let me know and be sure to report any mod specific bugs to the mod authors on their respective pages. Thanks again to the wonderful makers of The Betweenlands and all the other mod devs in this pack for making such fantastic content!  


Mischief of Mice links:

YouTube  & Twitch  

Discord chat invite
Minecraft Server Hosting
Mischief of Mice Website


List of Mods included: